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  1. I think this project is great! But can I see some other scenario images if you made? I want to know other scenario project how progressing.
  2. Unfortunately, the link is dead. Could you upload the file again?
  3. Exciting!!
  4. It works well! Thank you so much!
  5. Is there any file in updatePB or cities folder? I think maybe the problem is in that folder because there's have any file in that folder.
  6. I just changed the value, but it still dosen't work..
  7. I think that there's something problem in star_wars map folder file.
  8. But I load it and even copy all the file again several times.Other maps such like aoc.earth2 or aoc earth1 map load work well, but the only this map have a problem.
  9. No. it means the game loading. I download and copy all the file you upload. But when I load the star_wars map mod in the game, the loading progress stuck in 99% and dosen't work.
  10. There's something problems when I load this mod. The loading progress stuck when it load 99%.
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