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  1. Could you add functions like can be change leader when playing or event functions to change leader like form civilization.
  2. I mean europa4 style background for vanilla earth2 map. I attached file if you don't understand. I know there's already europa4 version background for conquerer2 mod. But it doesn't fit for vanilla earth2 map.
  3. Could you make Europa 4 version background for earth_2 map?
  4. I have seen many kinds of custom map backgrounds here. But I want make my own background. Not custom maps but background picture. How can I make it?
  5. I download several map mods. But there's something too slow when its loading. Especially, when the loading process 99%, it just stuck for few minutes. How can I fix it?
  6. I really expect this mod. Could you add some events for Joseon?(Korea). Although it is a dark age for Korea that this mod's background age. Event for Korea is important to understand east asia's history course in 19th century.
  7. Is there any progress in this mod? I want some information of this mod progressing.
  8. this mod is great. Could you add some cities(planet) in the map?
  9. I think this mod is really great than I expected. But I think it would be better that not to add leaders in this mod. I also made many kinds of custom scenario in this game and add the leaders to fit the age. But unfortunately there is no function that change leaders during play in this game and It is so terrible especially after early modern era since there are too many records.
  10. Is there any idea of scenarios about 1848 February revolution or Sino-Japanese war era?
  11. centur

    Roma Invicta

    Loading is stuck when I load it by android. The loading progress doesn't work when it load after 99%. How can I fix it?
  12. I think this project is great! But can I see some other scenario images if you made? I want to know other scenario project how progressing.
  13. Unfortunately, the link is dead. Could you upload the file again?
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