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  1. Soo i've done this scenario, with 30+ events, this scenario is not meant to be 100% historically accurate but its fun to play! Feel free to leave comments and ideas to edit this! Here's a zip version of it: 1549801108343txyhjywa.zip And a rar: 1549801108343txyhjywa.rar and some screeshots of it: [UPDATE]: 1.1 -Added some new events including peace between finland and soviet union -Removed finland from Axis -Balanced army sizes in Operation Barbarossa -Much more
  2. As you can see in this scenario Germany has invaded france, but if britain attacks germany in france the occupied provinces go to britain not france, i'd like to change it so that any allied forces attacking germany from france the provinces would go straight to france. I'm sorry if you didn't understand any part but feel free to ask!
  3. Hello, just asking how you made that if Britain attacks in germany in france its occupied for france not GB, im sorry abt my bad english. You can ask if you didn't get some part...
  4. Jone


    Everytime i get to the turn 166 my game crashes...
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