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    Suomi....joo Suomi
  2. Finnish Boio

    1999 Yugoslavia (not mod)

    THIS IS NOT MOD! okay , this is 1999 yugoslavia and if you see mistakes please say the mistakes!
  3. Finnish Boio

    Lukasz: The editor is so simple! There's no way to F**k this up!

    Oh boi , Finland is dead….i cant see it ..oh i sse it and dafuq has happened to it , i am worried
  4. okay so first. -select Finland -put difficulty to Legendary -then Military Upkeep 30/30 , basically -10.5% -then change goverment to Facism -then look at the map and prepare your troops to border -Now say "Suomi Perkele!!!" -then you get power of finnish memes , and power to conquer USSR -now you should easily invade USSR without problems -like this what you see in pictures.