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  1. Ehhm, where is the scenario you got there?
  2. What do you expect? Its nothing but with atlantic ocean.
  3. Is the last version in 20 dec 2018?
  4. You probably didnt buy the game, you just modefied it. That makes the game free tho
  5. Ehhm, can you explain this bug? It just appears unfinished or no flags and random numbers
  6. Germany doest look like as in that ww1 ? Also austria hungary is not even same. Also you annexed my part of dutch empire from germany 😠 Or is it suppose be alternative timeline?
  7. Nevermind, it works now. I just forgot to change it.
  8. Does it work on android?, I tried to use it on mt manager but it doesnt work somewhat.
  9. Kinda sad that i cant use this mod on my ios android.
  10. Well if youre on a mobile. Then idk.
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