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  1. Another solution to this problem is to give Klaipeda to the Russian Empire, that way the German Empire no longer has the required territory to switch over to the Weimar Republic.
  2. There should be the possibility of a failed ultimatum triggering a war declaration from the target country and with said country automatically being recognised as the "defender". For example Germany demands Russia give up Kaliningrad or else they'll invade. Russia refuses and declares war on Germany with the former as the defender and the latter as the aggressor. And as the aggressor Germany suffers diplomatic fallout as though they declared war on Russia instead of the other way around.
  3. Be sure not to use a Swastika for the Nazi American flag; use a cross instead just like the creator of the game did for the German Reich flag.
  4. Nazi America and the Japanese Pacific States can be added as vassal countries to the Greater Nazi Reich and Japanese Empire respectively. Similar countries can be added in other locations around the globe.
  5. I take it it is impossible to create a releasable mod using a default mod as a base due to the tag feature and must therefore begin a new mod from absolute scratch?
  6. For some reason my phone is no longer compatible with Age of Civilizations 2. My device is a Galaxy J3 Luna Pro.
  7. I have begun work on a similar mod (before I read this) for the Earth | 364 Provinces map. The two planned alliances are NATO and SCO. Relations are +50 for allies and -25 for rivals. Debating whether or not to include Belarus, Iran, Afghanistan, and Mongolia even though their SCO membership status is observer rather then full; reason for including them would primarily be for balance.
  8. So mobile users need not bother creating scenarios for upload?
  9. For the small earth map, I recommend shifting the two German territories so they appear as East and West Germany during the Cold War. Otherwise scenarios based on the Cold War would be difficult to make with that map.
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