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  1. I was going to change my disk to SSD so I completely reinstalled Windows and Java with it and now it works P.S. Keep great work, it's probably the most advanced mod yet
  2. Guys, really, please help me. Show me how did you install it
  3. Can somebody help me? I have installed Java, but when I try to open a .jar file in it, this is the error which occurs. Any ideas how to fix it?
  4. Keep the incredible work. I can't wait to play on this map
  5. I made a scenario with about 800 civs and that crashed my computer, so if you don't have powerful computer, even more civs would crash yours too
  6. It is not 100% accurate but in civs like UK or Iberian Union I chose territory that this country had for some time. You can treat this civs not serious, just for fun. I don't know which I have changed or not so I paste here my entire folder with formables Civs.zip
  7. Adamicki12


    Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth capital was Warsaw, not Krak├│w at the time
  8. My computer get rekt around 80 round when Norway, Finland and Denmark declared war on me
  9. Maybe someone will find this useful, fun or whatever tak.zip
  10. Oh. Yeah, I know. Maybe I should wrote that this option should be added. I meant this
  11. To get possibility to make union with romanian and italian part. (Maybe I will add events about it)
  12. I think that should be an option to send troops to other country without declaring war on their enemy
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