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  1. Do you knew here are posts with fake documents?why you don't ban them?

  2. you did the scenario?i am done with one
  3. Use please others links,megaup is down even  with vpn

  4. Why the capital of UN isn't on earth?
  5. When you release gta mod?

  6. c'mon,when you release the mod,it's too cool to not be released!
  7. Tinu2048

    2.0 tehnology

    Is a tribe from Centra America.
  8. Yea,i know we have a nation named ,,Papers Please" but i want to be and the rest of the nation from the game.So,my suggestion to be created a island with the nation from the game.Glory to Artstotka!
  9. Tinu2048

    maxed tech in 1504

    i played once as delhi sultanate and i see congo colonise parts of the world
  10. Tinu2048

    2.0 tehnology

    in a day i play as Zapotecs and...i see the tribes are 2.0 tehnology and start colonize,anyway,when i play as a kingdom i recieve diplomatic relations from tribes from africa
  11. Pls,the online update don't be like map editor
  12. When will be a Age of civilizations II version for Microsoft Store,for PC and Microsoft Phone
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