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  1. Yea,i know we have a nation named ,,Papers Please" but i want to be and the rest of the nation from the game.So,my suggestion to be created a island with the nation from the game.Glory to Artstotka!
  2. Tinu2048

    maxed tech in 1504

    i played once as delhi sultanate and i see congo colonise parts of the world
  3. Tinu2048

    2.0 tehnology

    in a day i play as Zapotecs and...i see the tribes are 2.0 tehnology and start colonize,anyway,when i play as a kingdom i recieve diplomatic relations from tribes from africa
  4. Pls,the online update don't be like map editor
  5. When will be a Age of civilizations II version for Microsoft Store,for PC and Microsoft Phone
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