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  1. Anythibg new?
  2. Does the provinces of Romania are exactly as the counties? Will you do the same for Moldova? Are you romanian? An ETA?
  3. Some cities are put in wrong provinces, like Targoviste and Odessa. Even the capital of some countries
  4. That's toxic, Somebody for banning him?
  5. More and better are the same
  6. Will the game be adapted to the latest version?
  7. Can you change the Transylvanian Saxon flag with this? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Transylvania_Saxons.svg
  8. Will U do tristan da chuna, st helen and more pacific islands?
  9. Tinu2048


    Nu știam că ești român :).
  10. Will the sea provinces will be big?
  11. Will it have HoI4 soundtrack?
  12. Every Addon based mode looks the same More or less basic
  13. Intresing
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