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  1. giannisgkouv2

    Own Governments flags

  2. giannisgkouv2

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    more flags pls
  3. it would be nice if there were events for the restoration of the kaisserreich
  4. giannisgkouv2

    From the Ashes

    it doesn't show custom civs and flags
  5. giannisgkouv2

    From the Ashes

    add civs folder
  6. giannisgkouv2

    Flag Competition

  7. giannisgkouv2

    Helden der Welt Scenario

    weird but great
  8. giannisgkouv2

    The Industrial Collapse

    how many nations will the mod have when it's finished
  9. giannisgkouv2

    The Industrial Collapse

    when it's ready
  10. giannisgkouv2

    Kaiserreich , What if Germany won WW1 ? Will peace last forever?

    does it have events?
  11. thanks for the follow man

  12. giannisgkouv2

    Ideas for mods

    great Turkish war Cold war Napoleonic Victory Kaisserreich Man in High Castle World War 1