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  1. Hey is this available for mobile? Bc i have not been able to get it working whatsoever. I followed all your installation steps. It just doesnt seem to show up in game. I have copied the files into my directory's "assets" folder. Should i move it into the main directory?
  2. Dude this would be painful as colonization is fucked In this game. I wish we could could spend lots to colonize initial provinces, and then go ahead normally capturing neutral states. Ik the anarchy it would bring to the map, but it's convenient.
  3. I suggest a new update which makes use of the events system, as the game can be way more interesting with events. It is way too hard to set up events individually, and I just request that this is spread out to moderators and Lukasz Jakowski. Also, a more accurate placement of leaders to their proper timelines would be amazing. Thanks to Lukasz for developing this game(I am aware we demand too much from a one man developer, but I plead in behalf of many others!)
  4. Oh crusader Kings ii? I've heard and seen gameplay, but haven't played yet
  5. No it makes me feel incompetent to those that have the talent and patience to create scenarios
  6. Holy crap I would build a statue of you if that scenario arrives!! You see, I'm half Swedish and my grandmother enlightened me with Icelandic tales and stories of the raids across European coasts throughout my childhood, and she passed away recently at the age of 96 and I've been trying roleplay in memory of her stories.. so it would really make me very happy! Thanks!!
  7. Heidelmann

    A request

    I request that a Viking Age scenario be added to the game.. I've tried, but on mobile, it is painful. I ask a map of the world during the Viking Age. Im so sorry to ask, and I feel very ashamed to ask, but it is a very significant time in history, and it will be fun. If someone does this, god bless you. Thats it thanks!
  9. Dear Lukasz. Almost everyone appreciates your work. Especially when working alone on this game without any team, I understand that there are many issues. I shall compile every MAJOR issue I've heard of and have come across. Starting with my suggestions. 1. Diseases need more depth. 2.development doesn't have any effects. 3. I can hold an occupied province for 200+ turns without any revolts, 4 the AI doesn't match up with my own nation. Some countries have 0 to very little technology or military power(ex:40000+ units can easy conquer all of the British Empire in th
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