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  1. Now you can form Visegrad (V4) Make Visegrad Great Again Happy conquering! 1551959789649jiibrvmk
  2. What is the point of having a province with wonder? It is just pure cosmetic thing or it adds prestige to the country which has that wonder?
  3. Change your ideology to a different one and then change it back...it will revert the flag and the name too
  4. As far as I know German empire was formed in 18.1.1871 so Germany should be called Prussia instead but that is just a cosmetic thing. Otherwise good work.
  5. Italy was allied to Germany and Austria-Hungary but they weren't obliged to help in an offensive war. Later they attacked their former allies (Germany and Austria-Hungary) because Austria-Hungary broke promise which was in their alliance treaty => they were making gains in Balkans or something to do with that...can't tell exactly 'cause it was a long time ago I read an article 'bout that 😄
  6. I'm a simple man. I see big Czechoslovakia, I love it
  7. Every province has a value (that's the stars) If you win war with 100% they always accept (I guess) if you win with less than 100% it depends on other factors which are unknown for me
  8. Click on portugal province to demand it in peace. If they accept you will get the province. You can´t recruit in England because they are your vassal
  9. It depends on the size of your country. The bigger you are, the more you can take. at least I think it works like that
  10. Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and Slovakia should be vassals
  11. So I was playing with your ideologies (which are nice) but the thing is, that after becoming civilized I got the Oligarchy government instead of Monarchy. Is there a way to change the ideology you get after civilizing? And another thing, some ideologies seem too OP in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for creating these ideologies, it adds a good depth 🙂
  12. I cant access the file Error code: 2C171/1
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