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  1. Endsieg scenario almost done
  2. Cold war scenario is done 🙂
  3. Guys, I done Regions, now i try do rivers its take some time but i think it will be good
  4. Ok i contact with you when i need help and thx
  5. ok thanx i'll try
  6. guys did u know any app/site like Google Disc where i can drop my mod and share with you. If yes pls tell me 🙂
  7. try again, when i download i see this files
  8. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UAtuMG7fh974irwQj_hwMOuJGqCKu1Sv?usp=sharing check this
  9. i try fix
  10. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zEhmQGmE2WIGu5Oc3utZAg0rylP392PH?usp=sharing this is important file. this is why game crushes because windows cant un-compressed
  11. check did you put backgrounds and check are you have this line in Age_of_Civilizatons.json
  12. but no from mods install orginal AoC2.exe from steam because i had crash to and addon+ crashes with my mod but when i reinstal AoC2.exe it dont crash
  13. try delete this and install again
  14. ok can you add me in discord? i try help you with this
  15. did you delete AoC2.exe
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