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  1. added leader: -Juho Kusti Paasikivi to Finland (Cold War) Hans Hedtoft to Denmark (Cold War) Tage Erlander to Sweden (Cold War) Eamon de Valera to Ireland (Cold War) Louis St. Laurent to Canada (Cold War)
  2. Photo from USA States Scenario
  3. Almost done scenarios: -the Red World Testing: -terrorist War
  4. Planned/Working in progress scenarios: -Time Colapse -2050 -Poland States -1951 -Operation Overlord -1941 -Invasion Of Poland -1939 -1917 -First Balkan War -1870 -1582 --1440 -900 -Afterlife -Weltkrieg
  5. Playable Scenarios: -ModernDay -State of USA -Australia -The Man in the high castle -Cold War -Endsieg -WW2 -Great War
  6. everyone who doesn't know what the mod is all about. Mod adds 22000+ provinces and some changes
  7. Changes: -Rework some Balkan provinces -Better opimalisation -Added tons of leaders (Modern Day, WW2, Cold War, USA STATES) -Refresh old leaders icons - Fix Slovenia-Italy border -Fix Syria-Jordan Border -Many Formable Civilisations
  8. Hi, it's me again, if you have been wondering what is going on with this mod, it is still calmly at my place and I even improved it a bit in the meantime I had to think if there is any point in further work on the mod and I will say on releasing it, I will release it in plans 14- 16 April or 5-6 May
  9. what happened? i cant see the map progress its saying that i dont have permission. i was checking this great map progress since 2019 and never gived up the hope someday you could post this but now i cant do this please what happened

    1. cyka blyat mapper

      cyka blyat mapper

      just please let me just see the progress. if you canceled dont worry i will understand just let me see


  10. Hey when u gonna release moreprov map?

  11. Mogę wam pomóc jeśli chodzi o porcję informacji o scenariuszach i pomysłach bo na razie na programowaniu i robieniu prowincji się nie znam 😄

    1. Hetman2311


      dobrze, daj te pomysły i informacje 

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