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  1. I keep getting this problem when trying to make a map; every time, everything goes nicely, and when I upload the provinces in game; they're extremely inaccurate in the sense that they're off point by 3 cm or 10 px; Hope somebody knows why this happens, and how to solve this problem.
  2. Hey guys, I've recently started having problems with this, when I restart the game after I make a province, the province doesn't save anywhere, does anybody know why?
  3. This is just a bad depiction of the 1600's, made just for entertainment purposes, and not historical purposes! This is mein first scenario, I would really appreciate some ideas, i need ideas for improvements ! Map : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xGtaeNXPmC-VPivUt68c_rhwSSVDP6-s
  4. Hi, this is my first customized civ, so please if you have any criticism or bugs to report, share it. I really want to get better at this! This CIV of Grossdeutschland can also be made into a formable civ, to my knowledge there are tutorials on how to set it as a formable civ, so if you don't know how to do that, go watch the tutorial on it. Thanks, dearly Doug Doggy Dog. 🐶 [I'm not a furry[ Grossdeutschland.rar
  5. Hi op, may I ask how something like this is made? It genuinely looks very nice!
  6. Dude! Thanks so much, It worked, finally a fix for this, thanks man 😄
  7. Thank you for trying to help! I will try and code my way into making it work. Thanks
  8. Hi , here it is https://gyazo.com/cecbd6fc0cacf291bb0bf2f414fe69e2
  9. Hi Matija, I also have a question to ask, do you know how to remove these letters at the end of the name? It looks ugly in game when you change the ideology. Thanks!
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