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  1. wait this site still exist? welp noice my profile is 1 year and 1 month old

  2. i apologize and quit from posting things there

    AOC2 is dead

    and i rarely play AOC2

    maybe some time i will add sum shit

    so bye

    also i quit mapping, so this is more boring

  3. Oof

    What scenario i would make?

    i am out of ideas


  4. I just want to say that my yt channel is dying and i am getting bored of posting scenarios

  5. PL:

    Witaj Panie Łukaszu chciałbym się spytać dlaczego pan przestał pracować nad Age Of Civilizations II?

    ENG (just for other countries members to know):

    Hello Mr. Łukasz i want to ask why you mr. stopped working on Age Of Civilizations II?

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