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  1. I see, Reich. Well he definitely wouldn't give us anything as he has said before. Unfortunate.
  2. Why make it a secret when you see the current state of AOC2 modding? No one is getting money from any of this and refusing to help out the community as a whole just makes you look like a jerk. Why keep it a secret? What are the benefits of doing so? If the AOC2 modding community would just help each other out instead of purposely keeping great things to themselves the mods for the game would be way better.
  3. I need to have 0% ai aggressiveness in my mod for it to work the way I want to, the problem is I have absolutely no idea how to do it and no idea how to change the code completely. I hope someone can help me and possibly even others out. If we want to make AOC2 better for the people we are going to have to work together. Thanks.
  4. How do I convert this back into the game?
  5. Can we talk on DMs in discord? I'm confused about a lot of things and I'm so close to modifying the code but it just never works. I was hoping you would show me how you changed the code without getting the jar file corrupted. My discord is BeneluxRex#0712
  6. Currently creating a 1942 map which will have a bunch of events, formable nations, and leaders for every single nation

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