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  1. It was originally supposed to be a mobile game tho.
  2. There would be a problem with mods in android and ios versions
  3. Exaclty what i also wanted for a while. Country that you played couls change. That would be good when making spanish civil war
  4. But it would be better if it was in the base game and in the mod it doesn't work as well as it could be in my opinion
  5. I feel like he should keep the officially added scenarios without events. I would also like at least improved events editor
  6. This game needs something like an event but it would be optional if you would want to trigger it. It would make the game more interesting and easier to make historical scenarios like ww1 or ww2. It could also be a cost of taking a decision (adjustable in editor whether it would be diplo points , gold , movement points or all). Could work as events but optional.
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