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  1. Focuses? Ok, add focus 'Annex the World'
  2. Скидывайте сюда ваши альтернативные флуги
  3. Flag of my fictional country Estressia
  4. Here is the screenshot below this text... It's only in Russian. I'll make an English version. Translation: Великая Германская Республика - Greater German Republic Рейхскомиссариат Остланд - Reichskomissariat Ostland Рейхскомиссариат Украина - Reichskomissariat Ukraine Рейхскомиссариат Руссланд - Reichskomissariat Russland (German: Russia) Бельгия - Belgium Республика соединенных провинций - Republic of United provinces Режим Виши - Regime de Vichy Венгрия - Hungary Румыния - Romania Словакия - Slovakia Италия - Italy Хорватия - Croatia Болгария - Bulgaria Сербия
  5. Hello, guys! This is mein first topic on this forum. Dear, developer. Can you add political parties system like in Hearts of Iron IV? Or can you add Parliament System like in Victoria II? So, I'll suggest you my own parties system. I borrowed it from HOI and Vic. Parties mechanic: You will hire an advisor, which will boost popularity of each party. Each advisor - 1 party. Also, you can arrange elections like in Victoria II. You will boost the party popularity in other countries or arrange coup d'etat and set the ally government.
  6. I'm the first Russian on this forum

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