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    antoniokf5 got a reaction from Soares_DwD in 290 BCE Scenario [Beta 1.8]   
    This is a scenario in the year 290 BCE, it may not be one of the most interesting ages but personally it captivates me.
    In this "Demo" of sorts, you can rule europe as rome or maybe continue the might of the Seleucid Empire. It's all up to you. 
    I'm in need of some suggestions on what do to fix on the current map, so be free to criticise every little minor detail. Currently I added 4 tribes in Iberia, but soon I'll add tribes all over europe and maybe even the new world and Asia.
    Update: [Beta 1.5] The Silk road:
    China has joined the battle India has joined the battle Some tribes were added in Iberia The caucasus has been updated with the nations of Iberia, Colchin and Albania Herobrine removed Project 290 [Beta 1.5].zip

    Update: [Beta 1.6] The Silk road:
    Fixed a bug involving colonisation
    Project 290 [Beta 1.6].zip  Update: [Beta 1.8] America and the Far East:
    Three new nations in America Three new nations in the Far east New tribes in Iberia Changed Egypt to Ptolemaic Egypt
    Project 290 [Beta 1.8].zip
    Thank you for following the development of this scenario!
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    antoniokf5 reacted to jws29095 in Suggestion: Click and drag for multiple units   
    The most import time saver would be a click and drag for units.
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    antoniokf5 got a reaction from Yamtar in How can i eliminate this?   
    go to the files of the game then open "game" folder, then "civilizations-editor" then just delete the files... It's inefficient, I think Lukasz should make a delete button.
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    antoniokf5 got a reaction from Simon in How can i eliminate this?   
    go to the files of the game then open "game" folder, then "civilizations-editor" then just delete the files... It's inefficient, I think Lukasz should make a delete button.
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    antoniokf5 reacted to Ramiro007 in These damned Emus   
    The Emus are a savage race,indeed.We must avoid another brutal war with the emus if we want to survive
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    antoniokf5 reacted to Ramiro007 in How to add new Music?   
    For anyone who have this doubt:
    1-You have to convert the song to ogg(Using VLC Media Player or audacity as ITurkishmapping said)
    2-Go to the music directory of the game
    3-Search an archive called Age_of_Civilizations
    4-Change its name to Age_of_Civilizations.txt
    5-Open it and add the name of your song 
    6-Add an ; at the end.Example:random music.ogg;Your song.ogg;
    7-Close the text and save it
    8-Move your song to the music folder
    9-Rename the Age_of_Civilizations.txt to Age_of_Civilizations
    And Congrats you have your very own music in the game!!
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    antoniokf5 reacted to pedrowo in Temporary Fix for the dark mode issue!   
    So basically I found an extension that lets you have dark mode in almost any website you want.
    (i only have the link for chrome)
    Extension link:
    dark mode
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    antoniokf5 reacted to goktug14 in Vassal Bug   
    That happened to me too.  I was playing as Ottomans in Napeleonic Wars, and created a borderland vassal in my east borders. Than it declared war without any declaration
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    antoniokf5 got a reaction from JustAnUser in Let England and Scotland be able to form the United Kingdom   
    I found it kinda of annoying that the UK isn't a formable nation in the base game, and that I had to change the settings of it. Another thing is the german states, not being able to form Germany, at least some can form Prussia who can form Germany. I will also suggest Portugal to form Iberia, has it is a nation in it. Granada should be given the same privilege (I don't know if they have it already sorry if I'm wrong). Anyways thank you for reading and good luck on making the game as always.

    Edit: Just noticed you can form the UK through union with Scotland/England, still a formable nation would be nice to those who prefer a warmonger route.
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    antoniokf5 reacted to Sneaky in how to change the requirements in the formation of another civilization? (for example - Portugal - Iberia)   
    I might be wrong but I think it was map editor > earth (4269 provinces) > formable civilizations, then find the country you want to edit.
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    antoniokf5 reacted to followstark in WorkShop   
    Day 23 of year 3004.
    Still hanging on a thread here...
    My city got nuked out by Russians. After many hours of hiding in my nuclear protected basement, i finally came out. It was a good day today. Still, no sign of human activity at the surface. Only the crawlers that walk at night. Mutated corpses, i don't know what they are. 
    Tonight it's that day of the month that i just sit down in the front of the computer and play one game. 
    This game is pretty solid, called Age of civilization 2. I miss the word "civilization". 
    I'm hoping that someday, someone, in  the near future, will release an update. Still waiting for that day cuz i'm really loving this game. It has something different from all the others in this genre.
    I'm gonna post here next month if i don't die by one of that mutated walkers. 
    Lights out....
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    antoniokf5 reacted to Sneaky in Kaiserreich 0.1 (Based on the HoI4 mod)   
    Wilhelm II was actually incompetent.
    Change my mind.
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    antoniokf5 reacted to Shiite in Kaiserreich 0.1 (Based on the HoI4 mod)   
    You misspelled the name of the leader of Germany. You spelled it "Wilhelm II" instead of the correct spelling "God"
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    antoniokf5 got a reaction from JustAnUser in I think the next update should be focused on optimization.   
    The current game isn't bad and it is the best choice for mobile. But it runs slow in most of the phones, at least what I've seen. So the next update shouldn't be making new scenarios or new nations but making the current game even better. Anyways this is just my opinion. The game is still great and I love what Lukasz did.
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    antoniokf5 reacted to SnowHalation1 in Remove Cancer Disease   
    Uhh, actually, cancer can spread through the internet. Recently there's an "innocent" game called fortnite that is supposed to be for kids, but then people find out that if you play a round of that game and if one of the players in that round have cancer, the everyone in that round of game will get cancer.
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