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  1. This is based on the HOI4 mod STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS
  2. Oh shit i didnt notice that
  3. Bots have attacked us again but this time its Arabic Wizards
  4. Please add this in it will be easier to make large scale events and it would be too hard to put the same event for every 100 civs
  5. Its 1 so that means i might im gonna put it in the suggestions
  6. Is there a way to make an event that everyone gets(Invasion events)
  7. My great Albaic Empire!
  8. What if Islam never existed Hello,i have not been on this forum for a few months now but im back with a new Scenario based on t he EU4 mod Fall of Islam .This mod is still a WIP so expect random things. Major Nations with Events Poland (Almost completed) Cartago (Events not done) Lithuania (Events not done) Byzantines (Events not done) Lassasin (Events not done) Major Events:(Coming soon) Sunset Invasion(Midgame) Hindu Invasion(Midgame) Turkic Invasion(Endgame) Great Viking/Pagan Invasion(Endgame) Return Of Rome(Early) Islam Returns(Real endgame shit) Mod link: What is Islam never existed-20190421T154620Z-001.zip Installation: Put all the files in the Civilizations into the Civilizations editor Put the folder in the Scenario into the Scenario folder
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