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  1. Sure! i recommend doing my roman steel series which has two scenarios
  2. Ello a few weeks ago i created the Constantine:Civil War Scenario and i attend to expand it with multiple scenarios it will have Scenarios with unique events Constantine:Civil War Constantine Civil War-20190101T204723Z-001.zip An Almost End(WIP) Empire Divided-20190119T203458Z-001.zip (No events) Rise Of The Empire(WIP) ?????? (All pictures are not mine and are owned by the person who made them)
  3. nyeh the bug is fixed yeet you guys can now download
  4. An event is triggered when your conquer these places but for some reason it triggers at the start of the game for all the nations with events
  6. Christ Conquers This is based on the Rome total war 2 mod Constantine:Rise Of Christianity:https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=299700707 To form Rome you need to conquer all the other emperors and have Rome as your capital. Each Major Civ needs to win by capturing a bunch of provinces there they can form there special nation.This applies to Constantine Lombards Picts Licinius Maxementius Goths Maximinius Huns Franks Sassasians Download:Constantine Civil War-20190101T204723Z-001.zip (Installation put all the civs into the civilization editor and put the scenario into the scenario folder
  7. Ignore the download bellow the picture idk what happened
  8. Infinitie

    me cri

    😞 (atleast fallout 76 got a much worse launch)
  9. Download:After Empire-20181230T171723Z-001.zip Eh i thought it would be better if i had a much more familliar scenario so im cancelling this and working on Apres Moi Le Deluge! After Empire-20181230T171723Z-001.zip
  10. gets wiped out by a 10000000000 Serbian stack
  11. Infinitie


    why does Corinth not control Corinth?
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