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    Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe?
    The map while having a ton of provinces will still be only Europe to help people with horrible computers. I feel you dudes.
    Current Version: 0.66
    Screenshots are updated every 10 versions
    Current amount of provinces - ~2315, around 70%+
    Regions Finished:
    Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Northern France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Prussia, Western Poland, Central Poland, Eastern Poland, Southern France,
    Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Montenegro, Southern Italy, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia,
    Catalonia, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland. Iceland,
    Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Crimea, West Belarus, East Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
    Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq
    Norway, Sweden, Finland, Northern Russia, Siberia
    Baltic Sea
    Regions currently being made: Iran, Central Russia, Southern Russia, Kazakhstan

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