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  1. JustAnUser

    Y2K "The New Order"

    https://www.haberturk.com/secim1999# It doesn't really make sense for me. Kozan was won by MHP -Nationalist Movement Party- while the rest of them were won by the centre-left. An Islamist country would make more sense since Fazilet Party -a Sunni party- had 15 percent of all the votes in the country -and you can make them a monarchy if you don't want to add a new ideology-Sorry if talking about politics is unwanted in this forum, but i don't think it is unwanted if we just talk about the past situtation without getting into arguments about politics. Also, to the creator, no problem if you don't want to make it that realistic. I was just giving suggestions in case you wanted to make it so.
  2. JustAnUser

    Lukasz Jakowski whats your Next plan?

    Do you know which project is he talking about? I may be a little airheaded, but i can't read what he meant by that.
  3. JustAnUser

    Religions unused lines and functions

    And, if Lukasz continues, he should make it so that religions do not affect anything except Christianity and Islam being against one another -also Judaism and Islam-.
  4. JustAnUser

    Religions unused lines and functions

    Didn't he already quit though?
  5. JustAnUser

    A communist world

    Okay, i phrased it a bit wrong. But it doesn't require hacks either way.
  6. JustAnUser

    A communist world

    I was talking about doing this without cheats though. It would require exploits, but not necessarily hacks -or vice versa-.
  7. JustAnUser

    A communist world

    Or with ultimatums. Give ultimatums to minors, and then secondary powers, then get some countries to go to war with each other and then steal some land off them and repeat the whole process until they're not really strong anymore. Then, give ultimatums.
  8. JustAnUser

    I just conqured all Provinces

    What about taxing them so much that most of them revolt against you? I would love to see how the world would be after they gain their independence.
  9. JustAnUser

    Lukasz Jakowski whats your Next plan?

    The game is a lot buggy in it's current state though. And some minor fixes can help.
  10. JustAnUser

    A form of capitulation

    I don't think it should immediately result in the annexation of the country. I think you should just get the ability to make the peace treaty in any way you want and they shouldn't be able to say "No." to you.
  11. JustAnUser

    Suggest for Leaders: Reign Dates

    Or maybe he can add family lines like Hasburgs. This way, he can add things like royal marriages too.
  12. JustAnUser

    Dark Ages - Rise of Islam ( HIATUS )

    How did you add the extra information bit? Also, it is really a good mod. The events are a lot and there is alternate hsitory too. This scenario is one of the best scenarios.
  13. JustAnUser

    HOW TO SOLVE INFLATION(in sandbox mode)(solved)

    There's a Sandbox mode in the tab where there are things like AI aggressiveness and game speed.
  14. JustAnUser

    New units types

    At least he should introduce navy units and bonuses for them in a different tab for eras or something like that. No need for very different sprites, just add something minor for every navy unit -like "ACO", "ACI" and other abbreviations- and land unit. It wouldn't take much time, all he needs to do is get a navy sprite and add something for them to represent their normal era.
  15. JustAnUser

    Where All of Europe’s population went