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    JustAnUser reacted to Saphyr5 in Emperor Lego Horse lll of Ulm   
    Born: 4000-8000 years ago
    Favorite flavour of icecream: Hotdog
    Known to be immortal as he hasn't died yet
    Favorite TV show: Backyardigans
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    JustAnUser reacted to Armolitskiy in Just a flags.   
    I made flags. They are all simple, but there are 21 of them. I used the program: FlagMaker Jr. Most flags resolution: 751x501.
    I will be glad if you use at least one of them, you can even specify the author, then I will be glad twice.
    Send me your ideas for flags, I'll try to implement them.

    5 NEW FLAGS!

             GREAT SLAV FEDERATION!                   
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    JustAnUser reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Governments flags   
    How to add own flags for Governments of Civilization?
    Each Civilization have own TAG
    Example: "pol" - Poland
    All lists of tags and Civilizations can be found:
    Game files -> game -> languages -> civilizations -> Bundle.properties

    Each type of government have own extra TAG
    Game files -> game -> Governments.json

    For monarch extra tag is: "m"
    Extra_Tag: "m",

    So the flag of Monarch of Poland will have this TAG: "pol_m"
    For the Horde the TAG will be "pol_h" etc.

    Flags location:
    Game files -> game -> Flags - Small flag (Required)
    Game files -> game -> FlagsH - Large flag(Optional)
    For own Civilizations created in "Civilization Creator"

    Game files -> game -> civilizations_editor -> 1544372214811aiomucxo

    "1544372214811aiomucxo" is an example TAG of your Civilization

    "1544372214811aiomucxo_FL.png" Democracy Flag
    "1544372214811aiomucxo_m_FL.png" Monarchy Flag
    "1544372214811aiomucxo_h_FL.png" Horde Flag
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    JustAnUser reacted to Boblik in Flag Competition   
    Smh with all these complex designs 
    simple tri-colours > everything else 
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    JustAnUser reacted to SomeRandomMf in Problems with starting the map editor.   
    You need to know is your OS x64 or x86. Once you figure that out (using online tutorials) download one where it says (Your OS Name)(x64 or x86)
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    JustAnUser reacted to Boblik in Nazi Germany Reskin   
    the center circle was the flag of the Nazi party, the off-center circle was the official German flag
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    JustAnUser reacted to Shiite in Religions   
    Even though I knew this existed, I know what I'm doing when Lukasz adds it in......
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    JustAnUser reacted to Havamesh in The story of how Vasco da Gama discovered Africa   
    Following images Show one of locations where Vasco da gama went, these photos were made under the fake continent of Africa
    Vasco later came back and screamed "I found a new continent"
    True story

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    JustAnUser reacted to Globus in Becoming the strongest nation in 50 turns   
    Poland is easily the strongest nation to start with at game start. That might sound crazy because it usually gets destroyed at the early game, but there is a way for it to easily become hegemon of the world.
    At game start, I improved relations with Lithuania enough so that they will accept an alliance, and then I spent the rest of the time building my army and integrating Masovia. Then, when relations were high enough, I formed an alliance and then asked for a union, which they accepted. This catapulted my nation into the strongest power there is. I posted a picture here.
    The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

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    JustAnUser reacted to ($Jake$) in Donald Trump's Empire of Colonization -The Sequel- Electric Boogaloo   
    Last episode we left our protagonist off in Africa, finding his greatest enemy Vladimir Putin in South Africa and the Mozambique.
    Donald Trump quickly sent his men down to South Africa and surrounded the Russian Colonies. He demanded Putin give the provinces to the USA but Vladimir kindly denied. Donald, having no other choice, had to do the unthinkable. He proceeded to rack up a massive amount of money and take every single coastal province of southern and central Africa. This was a big feat, but in the end Donald Trump secured Africa.
    While this was happening, troops were already sent to India and Australia. Trump was just finished taking out all of Australia when the unthinkable happened. His greatest allies, The Byzantines and the State of Israel, declared war on the Greeks. Israel still being small, just like the byzantines, they were struggling a lot. Trump had to intervene, so he sent down $500,000 to Israel and $200,000 to the Byzantines in order to help them out with the war. He also proceeded to send troops from Africa to protect Israel. Later on Israel would expand in to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.
    Another event that happened in the middle east was the Kekistan-Egypt war. Kekistan was completely dominated by Egypt and ended up joining in an union with the United States of America, forming the United States of Kekistan Union.
    During the Greek war Trump almost lost Thailand, as the Greek had their colonies there, but after the war quickly took all of the Greek colonies as reparations. Near the end of this story the US controlled Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Panama, Venezuela, All of Africa (except algeria, morocco and libya), India, Indochina, and Australia. Donald Trump had a massive Empire and he truly did get the epic Victory Royale.
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    JustAnUser reacted to GamingAccident in Alexander's Empire Fall (200 BC Mod)[events included] Version: 1.5   
    A mod situated a few years after the fall of Alexander The Great's Empire and the rise of Rome
    Featuring :
    North Africa, Europe, Asia Minor, West Asia
    78 Civilizations in total
    50 New Civilizations including: 17 Established nations with custom flags AND 33 Ancient tribes
    Accurate and historical borders based of here

    Complete List of New Civilizations: Established Nations
    Ptolemaic Kingdom Seleucid Kingdom West Numidia East Numidia Bithynia Scyths Rhode Hellenic League Marseille Thrace Crete Olbia Pergamon Galatia Meroe Mascat Gerrha Complete List of New Civilizations: Tribes
    Berber Saharan Nomads Mande West African Nok Bantu Axumites Northern Bantu Western Bantu Eastern Bantu Khoisan Cushitic Finnish Baltic Ugrian Legae Iberians Saceans Dahae Siberian Tocharians ( Yue-Chi ) Hibernians Caledoni Britons Belgi Aquitani Celtiberians Helveti Ligurians Germanic Celtic Pactians Illyrians  

    Version 1.0 Published ! (19/01) Version 1.1 Added a couple new relations, custom cores for every tribe's province to better simulate real life population dispersion across multiple civilizations, adjusted technology levels and starting money ,tinkered around with some events, but none are implemented yet. (21/01) Version 1.2 Added Macedon events, Macedon relations, A custom flag for every tribe in-game (25/01) Version 1.3 Added more Macedon, Roman Kingdom and Seleucid Empire events, 21 in total, added 5 formable civs : Macedonian Empire, Numidia, Kingdom of Numidia, Persian Empire, Bantu Tribes (26/01) Version 1.4 Added 15 new events, lots of bugfixing (29/01) Version 1.5 Added 5 new events, major bugfixes, southern tribes of Africa Future Additions:
    Formable Nations Events Custom Flags for every Civ Whole Asia Continent ( based of mod's popularity ) Whole Africa Continent ( based of mod's popularity ) America and South America Continent ( based of if I find new map sources and of mod's popularity ) How to download:
    Download this .zip file : 200 BC Mod 1.5.zip Go to:   200 BC Mod #.#.zip\Version #.#\Scenario Select the file and move it to:   Game Files\map\Earth\scenarios Go to:   200 BC Mod #.#.zip\Version #.#\Civilizations Select all the files and move them to Game Files\game\civilizations_editor Go to 200 BC Mod #.#.zip\Version#.#\Formable Civs Select the files and move them to Game Files\map\Earth\formable_civs You are ready to play! #.# is the latest version of the mod
    I would be really happy to hear your thoughts on this project.
    Ideas, map sources which can be taken as a template or bug reports are always welcomed!
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    JustAnUser reacted to DragosRS in Allies and Alliances   
    Allies are a key factor to your nation's success helping you in wars a lot
    First of all if you wanna make an alliance try to ally nations as early game as possible cuz at that point it is much easier to make them have a good opinion about you and the nations you are already allied with can't have such bad opinions about them
    Second of all they can at times be annoying by not wanting to accept peace treaties or they might pull you into wars when you are not prepared
    All in all allies are a usefull "tool" in this game and they are always by your side
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    JustAnUser reacted to Chexier in Global Thermonuclear War Mod (GTWM)   
    Global Thermonuclear War

    It's a mod (mainly focused on the scenario) inspired by DEFCON: Everybody Dies. It's a totally fictional scenario, so it's not meant to be realistic.
    Global superpowers have tons of nukes. There are 3 major alliances: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Indic Ocean Treaty Organization (IOTO) and the Communist International (Comintern). The World is pretty unified and centralized. There is an event at turn 2 which balances the game. There are 2 new civilisations: United States of America, (Flag is the same as modern day US flag, but with 60 stars, since they annexed the 10 Canadian provinces in this scenario) and URSAL (Union of Republiquetas Socialistas of America Latin), which is a fictional country. (Know your meme page).

    Can you overcome your enemies? Or will the Earth die out before you manage to do it?
    Download Link :
    GTWM 0.1 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1inHTGIV1bGqtjqLpQBWXtV1619Cuvh5W
    To install, copy and replace the folders/files at their proper directory in your game files.
      GTWM 0.1 -
    Added mod Feedback would be appreciated.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Glisterr in Interwar Period Scenario   
    Thank you everybody for all of your suggestions, I really want to add them but once again this scenario is not my priority right now.  You may see your suggestions be added slowly over time, but right now my main priority is a much more event focused scenario based on 1989 in Europe.  Germany reunifies event, the Yugoslav wars, collapse of the Soviet Union, etc.
    Check it out here:
    But otherwise, thank you very much for the support.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Don_Colasanti in What to do when having difficulties in AoC2   
    What to do when having difficulties in AoC2

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    JustAnUser reacted to Sneaky in World War Two Nerds?   
    I'm interested in WW2, albeit I wouldn't call myself a nerd. 
    If you want to debate, then here are some opinions on WW2 of mine:
    Germany could have won WW2, but only without Hitler. Even then, if they still had to invade USSR, they'd only win in the very unlikely scenario that they'd get Western support. Erwin Rommel is one of the most overrated Generals of all time. Heinz Guderian is what most people make Erwin Rommel out to be. Erich von Manstein was one of the most brilliant strategists of WW2 and one of the main reasons Germany was so successful. US involvement in the war could only be delayed, but not prevented. Germany could never ever have invaded mainland Britain, even with the destruction of the RAF. Hitler was the reason for both the success of Germany and the failure of it. Germany produced some of the best tanks of the war, but they were exactly the kind of tanks Germany did not need. The Sherman is underrated. While most people say Germany would have been better without Italy, I disagree. While Italy had one of the worst armies of WW2, it still did its own fair share of helping Germany. The Italian Navy kept the Royal Navy busy so Germany could focus on the ground aspect. Many people misunderstand the involvement of Baltics within WW2. The Courland Pocket saw very fierce combat, and the Latvian Legionnaires were some of the last German units surrendered. Let that sink in - the Courland Pocket held out until the Soviets had already reached Berlin. While Soviets had already won by then, D-Day was still an important part of the Allied efforts to end WW2. The nuking of Japan was fully and completely justified. Germany couldn't have gotten nukes, even if the Norwegian resistance members hadn't blown up the heavy water stations and what not. The Soviet Union had better tactics for the use of large scale tank assaults - Deep Operations/Soviet Deep Battle. There was no such thing as a "blitzkrieg" tactic - it was simply generals using the tanks at their disposal to their best ability. Germany was technologically superior to the Allies, but its resources deprived them of putting them to any use. Please don't hate me for having an opinion.
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