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    JustAnUser reacted to Armolitskiy in World War III alternative (coming soon)   
    Do not create empty scenario page where there is almost no plot and screenshots!
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    JustAnUser reacted to Yorch in World War III alternative (coming soon)   
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    JustAnUser reacted to goktug14 in Porteguese USA   
    I think I just made a large Porteguese community in USA
    too large

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    JustAnUser reacted to Tincho987 in Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO   
    The problem of leaders:
    It happens that when placing them in their respective countries, they end up being replaced by the leaders by default. Example: (instead of Reagan, it is Trump who replaces him)
    Solution? Maybe an update that includes the respective reign dates of each leader. Another may be to split the information era into 2 (which I find hard to do without open source)
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    JustAnUser reacted to NESS in Rate AoC2 from 1 to 10   
    8/10 cause i expected more out of ww2 scenario :/ The fact germans getting beaten and the fact that british raj kills italy and the USA is ridiculous also i tought it had premade events but no :( also germany never attacks poland only France also Italians are just useless like irl so thats a plus... Also on Android i can't see the formable civilizations in the editor
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    JustAnUser reacted to Future mapper in Rate AoC2 from 1 to 10   
    bugs and bugs and more bugs
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    JustAnUser got a reaction from CyclistSteve in I just conqured all Provinces   
    What about taxing them so much that most of them revolt against you? I would love to see how the world would be after they gain their independence.
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    JustAnUser reacted to tovarish_bibosos in The problem with the emerging civilizations   
    Stumbled upon one problem. I decided to remove all formed civilizations from the original game and add mine. Everything was fine, I added molded civilizations, but I needed to restart the game. I closed the game and started to start it, but the game crashes by 99% and does not want to run, what should I do?
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    JustAnUser reacted to Dzoltik in Hidden AoC Civilization?!   
    Hey. Today, when I'm creating new scenario, I discovered something intresting. In province Chernihiv we can add Duchy of Chernihiv and also... Age of Civilizations!!! It isn't a joke, just try it!

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    JustAnUser reacted to CassalettIV in Hidden AoC Civilization?!   
    There are many hidden civs. I once saw "Papers, please" in the list.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Mortek in Hidden AoC Civilization?!   
    I found Papers, Please too. Nice job Lukasz.

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    JustAnUser reacted to ChelseaLazer in Mali Empire   
    Mali Big

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    JustAnUser reacted to Your leader kimmy the fat in Giant France   
    ok i bomb u now
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    JustAnUser reacted to Your leader kimmy the fat in Giant France   
    Takes up
    almost all of france
    almost all of germany
    almost all of denmark
    some of norway
    most of ireland
    almost all of spain (iberian vassals)
    some of italy
    all of greece (Greek vassal)
    african colony
    american colony 
    all of england 
    Final british conquests 
    conquest of italy
    african colony expansion 
    operation greenland 
    polish union 
    irish conquest 
    make a massive german vassal 
    south greece
    north italy
    kingdom of the spanish franks 
    captured leon 
    islands of west italy 

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    JustAnUser reacted to Future mapper in I just conqured all Provinces   
    I was played with ottomans in Victorian age there is no netural or no another country just me ... 
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    JustAnUser reacted to Balamber Khan in Story of the New Royals [Two Sicilies]   
    All of my screenshots of AoC suddenly disappeared.  I think that's the end of a story that didn't begin 😕 
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    JustAnUser reacted to Balamber Khan in Story of the New Royals [Two Sicilies]   
    6 February 1836. Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies is suddenly found dead on his bed. His possible heir, little Francis was born only 18 days ago. Chaos quickly got the Two Sicilies. Suddenly, a noble man who doesn't come from a royal family appeared: Francesco di Vincento. He reigned himself as the new king of the Two Sicilies. Nobody said nothing because people knew that their country won't get strengthened if they don't have a ruler. So they accepted Francesco as their new ruler. Francis the Second was the new ruler of the Two Sicilies. The European states didn't like this news however he got congratulatory letters from the Eastern states and Mexico.

    This is my new series guys, I hope you like it. 
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    JustAnUser reacted to Shiite in Tiny World War 2   
    kek mobile peasants 
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    JustAnUser reacted to MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace in Tiny World War 2   
    Tiny World War 2 is a WW2 scenario made in the tiny Earth map, it also features a special event (Spanish Civil War).

    In case you don't know how to get this scenario in your game, there's a read me telling you everything you need to know
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    JustAnUser reacted to Your leader kimmy the fat in Korea Map reposted to scenario section   
    A map
    Includes events!
    This map goes through the history of the Korean Peninsula using events
    Play as Korea and keep it around as long as possible and keep out Ming! Reunify Korea as either of the two  Prevent the soviets from forming North Korea or prevent USA from forming the south  Fight the Korean War! Includes many events that will require you to decide  Map will be as historically accurate as possible
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    JustAnUser reacted to Eisenherz in History Scenarios (0.03)   
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    JustAnUser reacted to Aleksgol123 in Great Peace - What if WW1 Never Happened Update v1   
    After the assasination of Franz Ferdinand a risk of war beetwen Serbia and Austria was very high. The German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm knowed the risk of war with Russia and maybe even France so in the final he stopped A-H from attacking Serbia, no one would know that this thing would change Europe so much. After death of Francis Joseph I the Charles I was in charge of the empire now. After many riots in the empire he was forced to break the constitution and had to limit the autonomy of Hungary and less in rest of the empire. The uprising in the empire ended in 2 years old war where Hungary, Bohemia and Galicia gained indenpendece, Hungary gived up on Slovakia , Croatia and Bosnia because of the risk of Romanian invasion so they becamed indenpented too. Lets see what new future wil bring to us
    This scenario is What if WW1 never happened so:
    -Galicia-Lodomeria and Croatia are cooperating with austria
    -Bosnia,Serbia and Montenegro created the alliance
    -Czech and slovaks created an alliance
    -Colonies are the same as in 1914 (Egipt is puppet state)
    -Canada, Australia and other dominions have less will for autonomy because of the bloody war never happened so they more depented on UK
    -China is the same as in 1926
    -Totalitarian regimes in Russia, Germany and Italy vever established
    -Russia will face economic crisis because of loans from UK and France
    -Portugal colonies was partitioned by Belgium,UK,Germany and France by treaty from 1913
    -Japan Panasiatism is on rise
    -New content
    -New flags and civilizations
    Update 1:
    -Turkey and Northern Arabia now have more territory
    -New Germany
    -Portugal colonies was partitioned
    Thanks for reading 🙂 (Sorry for my English)


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    JustAnUser reacted to panin1949vova in Empires in game   
    Is Holy Roman Empire
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    JustAnUser reacted to Basilio Paleologo in AOC: New World   
    Add Country
    Byzantine Empire
    Empire of Trebizond
    Kingdom of Jerusalem
    East Turkestan
    Empire of Korea
    Korean, English, Spanish
    google download

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    JustAnUser reacted to sabit in AOC1 The Man in High Castle MOD   
    oh, it's my mod
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