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    JustAnUser reacted to Dermelles in A form of capitulation   
    Would occupying be fine? 
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    JustAnUser got a reaction from ProstoTak228 in A form of capitulation   
    I don't think it should immediately result in the annexation of the country. I think you should just get the ability to make the peace treaty in any way you want and they shouldn't be able to say "No." to you.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Attrayant in v1.2 Second French intervention in Mexico (Second Mexican Empire) 1865   
    This is my first scenario that I do, it's simple, but I hope later I can improve it with events. Map on which the scenario is based: https://portalacademico.cch.unam.mx/alumno/historiademexico1/unidad5/contextomundial/intervencionfrancesa     Screen Shots:     N     Preview:     Download: Mexico 1865.zip  
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    JustAnUser reacted to Strangefancypants in 290 BCE Scenario [Beta 1.8]   
    you can always go to those videos like "history of italy every year" or "history of the world every year", however those dont provide as much information when i comes to tribal areas or places where there are no real civilization, so you probably want to look at more in depth maps in wikipedia
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    JustAnUser reacted to BrakeCoachStudios in Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)   
    I like this

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    JustAnUser reacted to BrakeCoachStudios in Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)   
    and me!
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    JustAnUser reacted to Lonathan in Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)   
    Draw me next Draw me! 
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    JustAnUser reacted to Shiite in Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)   
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    JustAnUser reacted to Atilos in World War | [UPDATE Of The Colonies 1.2]   
    WW| Scénario
    -colony additions
    --adding new country
                                                             The scénario:https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1BJGUsNEjYLUhlW1xEJJQHdVJsqB7MOfW

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    JustAnUser reacted to ($Jake$) in The Man in the High Castle   
    I don't think it would be a good scenario to make considering there's 2-3 nations that are extremely overpowered, some neutral areas that are just ignored, and just looks fairly annoying. I don't imagine playing on it because of the horrible amount of work it would take to take out the other nation.
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    JustAnUser got a reaction from ANCHOUS in Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO   
    Unfortunately, this scenario is not available for that plaftorm.
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    JustAnUser got a reaction from popkek1999 in HOW TO SOLVE INFLATION(in sandbox mode)(solved)   
    There's a Sandbox mode in the tab where there are things like AI aggressiveness and game speed.
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    JustAnUser got a reaction from Adamicki12 in HOW TO SOLVE INFLATION(in sandbox mode)(solved)   
    There's a Sandbox mode in the tab where there are things like AI aggressiveness and game speed.
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    JustAnUser reacted to GamingAccident in Alexander's Empire Fall (200 BC Mod)[events included] Version: 1.5   
    Update time!
    5 more events South Africa Region  
    Removed quite some bugs. Playtesting takes a lot of time so except fewer updates ( once or twice a week ). "Spoils of the Fifth Syrian War" event disabled until I figure out a way to trigger it correctly, since the game is kinda buggy and behaves strangely.
    Forgot to change Carthage into a republic sorreh
    Begone Bugs!!
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    JustAnUser reacted to Cherpake in Naruto Mod   
    Everybody knows about the anime called Naruto. But i just wanted to make the announcement. WIP, but i think i'll finish that in february/april. Just stand by)
    (I also got the HD variant of bg)
    For sure, there will be for about 2/4k provinces. A lot of s*it i've need to do.
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    JustAnUser reacted to brejas in British isles 980 ad scenario for (MOAR provinces mod)   
    Im working on the first scenario for my Moar provinces mod
    here is a preview

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    JustAnUser reacted to Abu Muawiya in Dark Ages - Rise of Islam ( HIATUS )   
    The umayyad didnt revolt. Muawiya was just the next caliph
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    JustAnUser reacted to Armolitskiy in [CLOSED] Mod.   
    Go to:
    New governments:
    Nazism Dictatorship [new] Theocracy Militarism Partisans Socialism Technocracy Conservatism Federation And I did some changes to Communism.
    New diseases:
    HIV/AIDS (I'm not sure that I did everything right) Malaria
      Be sure to write what you want to see in the new version of the mod.
    Just put a folder from the archive in the game directory DOWNLOAD:
    Small mod by Armolitskiy.zip
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    JustAnUser reacted to Globin4060 in Vive la France! (Victorian Age)   
    Louis was very happy about the successful campaign against the north and he decided to continue with Sardinia.
    Again, Louis gave Bertrand Clausel the command over the "Brigade Sarde" with about 13'000 troops. France declared war on the 13th of July.
    Bertrand's plan was to attack the city of Besançon with one regiment and attacking the Sardinian capital Turin with two regiments under his command. Bertrand's brother Alain captured the city Nice with another regiment.

    The first attacks were successful but thousands French soldiers died.

    The French troops advanced deeper into enemy territory, but Alain's attack on Savona failed. Alain was killed with his whole regiment. This was a big shock for Bertrand, but he had to continue.
    Unexpectedly, the biggest part of the Sardinian army was stationed in Savona and Bertrand decided to focus all regiments on Savona and attacking the Sardinian citys in the east with only one Battalion.

    Meanwhile, the French regiment under Léon Pétin had to defend Corsica against the attacking Sardinian troops from the south.

    Léon launched an counterattack on the 25th of January in 1840 and he slowly managed to capture important citys and harbours of Sardinia.
    Sardinia surrendered after hard fights on the 22nd of March in 1840.

    Their territory got fully occupied by France.
    France had good relations to the great powers of Europe, except for the Ottoman Empire and Prussia.

    Louis knew, that something big is going to happen soon.
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    JustAnUser reacted to FDrizel in Seven Years' War 1756   
    A scenario involving the world in 1756, just before the start of the Seven Years' War. I have tried my best to recreate the world of 1756, but if I have made any mistakes please feel free to point them out and I will try to correct them.
    UPDATE 1: First events added
    -American revolution event for Great Britain in 1776
    -Latin American independence events added for Spain at the start of the 19th century
    -Added an event for Caucasus expansion for the Ottoman Empire
    -Added cores for more countries (Poland, Lithuania, Catalonia, Gran Colombia, United Provinces of Central America, Mexican Empire, Hungary, Chile, Argentine Confederation, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, United States, Ireland)
    This is not the final product, still planning on adding more events and still taking suggestions for any events that should be added. 

    New Events:

    Updated download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ibW3c9KtbFSfDMxeGDdc_s0q5QZOmtkg
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    JustAnUser reacted to Mr.Hitler in Rising Sun   
    Rising Sun is just a man in the high castle scenario, I tried to make it how the
    show presented it. there is currently 5 events but have fun.
    If you like this scenario check out my other ones, Death of a Nation and 
    From the Ashes.
    Download link:
    Work In Progress
    Map: Done
    Diplomacy: Done
    Technology: Done
    Events: Unfinished
    Update Feb 3: added alliances and map changes.
    Post any suggestions or ideas or just post if you download it 
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    JustAnUser reacted to Skapis9999 in Nationalism   
    Every country believes that their borders should be much further than they are today. At least, the used to believe it. I would like to start a thread where everyone would just say how big his country could be. I am not intended to make people fight with each other. I just want to learn how other people see history. I start:
    Year of Independence :1830
    Possible lands:
    Northern Epirus (part of Albania) Northern Macedonia (part of FYROM and Bulgaria) Eastern Thrace(part of Turkey) Minor Asia(part of Turkey) Pontus(part of Turkey) Cyprus(Cyprus) Eastern Rumelia (part of Bulgaria) Former lands impossible nowaday to be part of the country:
    Sicily Southern Italy Rest of the Balkans Spanish and French coasts Rest of Turkey Northern Egypt many more So I will attach some maps and facts to help you understand history.
    1. Northern Epirus is a small part of southern Albania. There are no reliable statistics abotu the Greek population.
    In 1919 Paris conference Greek minority numbered 120,000 and in 1989 58,785. During 90s the number was near 80,000. Today independent sources estimate between 70,000-110,000. During last albanian census there were a fine of $1000  to everyone who would will declare anything other than albanian. As a result the census was boycotted. According to census there are 17,622 Greeks while Greek community reports 286,852 Greeks.
    Historically, northern Epirus was part of the ancinet kingdomg of Epirus (map). In 1914 there was a short-lived, self-governing entity founded named "Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus". It was planned that Northern Epirus would be ceded to Greece following the war, but withdrawal of Italian support and Greece's defeat in the Asia Minor Campaign resulted in its final cession to Albania in November 1921.(map)
    2.Macedonia. One of the most wanted areas in Europe during19th and 20th centuries. Greeks, Serbs, Slavs, Bulgarians, Turks. All of them wanted a part of it.
    Macedonia most commonly refers to:
    Republic of Macedonia, a country in southeastern Europe (it is recognised by Greece with the name FYROM. Last months were held succesful negotiations about renaming the country. Macedonia (Greece), a traditional geographic region, spanning three administrative divisions of northern Greece: Western Macedonia Central Macedonia Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Macedonia (region), a region covering all of the above, as well as parts of Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia (see map) Macedonia (ancient kingdom), also known as Macedon, the kingdom that became Alexander the Great's empire Macedonia, as a region has over 4,760,000 population today.
    Demographics today:
    Macedonian Greeks  approximately 2,500,000  Ethnic Macedonians   approximately 1,300,000 (Greece recognises them as Slavomakedones ) Macedonian Bulgarians  approximately 250,000 (FanFact: Paradoxically, during the last few years around 53,000 Macedonians have applied for Bulgarian citizenship and more than 70,000 ethnic Macedonians have already obtained Bulgarian passports.
    Albanians 25.2% of the total population of FYROM Smaller numbers of Turks, Bosniaks, Roma, Serbs, Vlachs (Aromanians and Megleno-Romanians), Egyptians, Armenians and Jews History. During 1st and 2nd WW and Balkan Wars history has only blood and fights. Communists, Fascists, Nationalists, Self declared governments, countries, tried to exploit locals to win wars. There is long controversy about almost everything.
    Map of the geographical area of modern Macedonia.
    7. Eastern Rumelia. One of the most forgotten greek core areas.  Its capital is Plovdiv  (in greek  is called Philippopolis  means the city of Philippos (the father of Alexander the great)
    In 1884 at least  55,000 Greeks used to live there (official numbers are). Real populations was much bigger. In the past the number used to be much biggger.  Today (census 2011) 1398 Greeks are registered.
    Maps: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Principality_of_Bulgaria_(1890).svg
    Note1. I live in Macedonia Greece.
    Note2. Some of my ancestors were born in Trabzon (Trapezounta) in Pontus and near Istanbul(Konstantinoupoli) in eastern Thrace.
    More Facts will be added during next days.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Mr.Hitler in From the Ashes   
    With the loss of western Europe and most of America' allies to the reds the United States and Britain stood alone on the forefront against communism. But that was in the past. In the modern world the United States could not overcome the might of the Soviet Union, capitalism has lost in the face of communism. What was the United States a land of prosperity and opportunity became multiple poverty stricken nations.
    West Berlin was given to the Soviets in a treaty in result of the blockade
    The Western allies were not able to protect South Korea during the Korean war 
    The Cuban missile crisis gave the Soviets an edge against the Americans 
    Work in Progress
    Map: Done
    Army: Done
    Tech levels: Done 
    Events: Unfinished
    Diplomacy: Unfinished
    Lore: Unfinished
    Version 1.1 Added: More events and diplomacy and added in in North Dakota
    Version 1.2 Added: A lot more events and changes to diplomacy and changes to the flags. American Union State and Peoples Republic of America can now reform America in their own way, Changes to the flags, Capitulation events for the PRA, ASU and ASS. And much more but to small to talk about.
    Post any suggestions you have for this.
    you need the civ folder and the download link for it to work
    Civilizations folder:Civs.zip
    Recommended to play at 100% Speed and 50% AI aggressiveness also the final unification events don't fire till 2013

    download link:
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    JustAnUser reacted to Dcethe in 1147 ( Europa )   
    You know there are multiple ways to take a screenshot right?
    Theres F12 Steam Screenshot
    then theres Ctrl+Alt+Prt Scr - which you can paste into Microsoft paint
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    JustAnUser reacted to TimDee58 in There should be a rule here.....   
    That Mods / Scenarios should be archived if their author does not respond to members questions within say a 14 day period.
    Because the scenarios area is a mess, it's rammed full of incomplete scenarios or perhaps worse, scenarios that the author has abandoned without giving any notice....
    Perhaps split the forum into:
    Scenarios - Released / Completed.
    Scenarios - Work in Progress
    Scenarios - Abandoned
    Can I have a 'Hell Yeah' please? 
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