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    map pic pls?
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    JustAnUser reacted to SavingPrivateRyansPrivates in Modern World Scenario with 1440 Europe   
    My very first Scenario I'm uploading here. It's the AOC2 Modern World scenario but with the 1440 Europe.
    I didn't change any borders of Russia so the countries bordering Russia are a tad bit smaller than the 1440 scenario. Nor did i do any changes to the Middle East/African area so the Ottoman Empire is smaller as well.  
    There are no puppets/vassals in this scenario. So you can play as Masovia or Holstein and not be ruled by Denmark or Poland.  
    I haven't mess with the Leaders so all of the leaders in Europe will be the default leaders from 1440/Modern World  
    Since this is basically Modern World scenario with 1440 bits there aren't any events.  
    Please let me know if I messed up any borders somewhere. I had to remake the entire Modern World scenario and 1440 Europe. If there is a quicker way to put in countries with its borders let me know.





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    JustAnUser reacted to LildawgGaming in Helden der Welt: Neko Homeland Front and Spillover   
    On May 4, 2004, a Neko Protest was shot down by Iranian forces.  This resulted in a mass anger with Nekos across Iran. They had enough and was ready to revolt.  Nekos is Tehran successfully revolted and made the city theirs.  The Iranian Leader flees Tehran and the civil war breaks out on May 17, 2004.
    Bright Red: Neko Homefront
    Bright Blue: Iran, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.
    Bright Green: Kurdistan
    Yellow: Free Syrian Army
    Grey: ISIS
    Dark Red: Supporting the Neko Homefront, but not involved with the war.

    The Spillover:
    In 2015, the Neko Homeland Front marches soldiers into Iraq Armenia and Azerbaijan.  Making the entire Middle East Situation worse.

    The war still rages by the time the Main Helden der Welt Storyline starts on September 23, 2017.
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    Sorry. I just don't speak English. 😞
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    its not ww2 but whatever
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    Then I think there was a stats button at top in Economy menu, that would show it if it's there.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Ilovethisgame2 in Ultimate AoC II Map!!   
    A map like that would be awesome and painful to play but I still want it!!

    btw im not making this map
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    JustAnUser reacted to BrakeCoachStudios in LESS Provinces(AOC2 Medium Map Project)   
    This Medium Map project was started in Google+ after the Mars Project. It's objectives were to extend the historical border accuracy in the original map of AOC1, while creating some actual provinces or countries merged with other provinces/countries in the original AOC map.
    This project started when I noticed that there was no territorial changes between Germany and Poland before/after WW1. I also noticed the lack of Konigsberg/Kaliningrad in the map. That lead me to draw new province borders to create more historic accuracy in original AOC scenarios. First was Poznan, then Austrian Galicia, East Prussia, Pre/Post WW1 borders, the borders after the Vienna Award, along with making new provinces to balance the province amount of the countries.
    As you can see, this map not only has minimum provinces, but you could also create scenarios like WW1/2, 1440(mostly), 5AD, the American Civil War, Ancient Korean Kingdoms, the expansion of the US, the European Colonialism Era, and other historic events.
    This would not only create simple gameplay but also revive the old AOC map with better border accuracy.
    This was initially called the Medium Map Project, but I am changing the name into LESS Provinces.
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    JustAnUser reacted to hooman in Persian empire History   
    The first dynasty of the Persian Empire was created by Achaemenids, established by Cyrus the Great in 550 BC with the conquest of Median, Lydian and Babylonian empires.[1] It covered much of the Ancient world when it was conquered by Alexander the Great. Persepolis is the most famous historical site related to Persian Empire in the Achaemenid era and it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

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    I'm sorry, I can't, I have a broken save 😞
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    Special for you!
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    JustAnUser reacted to Ivan Odwaga in Your Last Screenshot   
    Little Liberia and 3 hours of play... I think Lukas will like it... (Then I made an Alliance with Ethiopia for beauty, but I had all of Africa before)
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    JustAnUser reacted to goktug14 in Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)   
    4: They don't bless rains
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    JustAnUser reacted to Globin4060 in Vive la France! (Victorian Age)   
    The July Revolution in 1830 led to the overthrow of Charles X by the citizens of France. Louis Philippe I became 'the King of the French' in the July Monarchy on the 7th of August in 1830.
    Louis Philippe thought that this was a similar situation like when Napoleon was the ruler of France and now it would be his chance to go down in history as a brilliant strategist and as the one who brought the citizens of the European kingdoms to power.
    The situation of France was great. They had occupied northern Algeria and also had some colonies in America. Now, it was time to regain rightful French land and to overthrow the European monarchies.

    Victorian Age (1836), Extreme, France
    I've changed some historical information to make it more relevant to the story.
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    JustAnUser reacted to goktug14 in Where All of Europe’s population went   
    Best way is press F5 and you'll see a menu in right. You can see alliances, wars, stats etc there 
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    JustAnUser reacted to Conqueror1942 in Where All of Europe’s population went   

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    JustAnUser reacted to giannisgkouv2 in The Industrial Collapse   
    when it's ready
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    JustAnUser reacted to Ilovethisgame2 in 1316   
    1316 Scenario
    Update 1(MASSIVE!!):
    Added Southeast Asian countries                                                              Added Southeast Asian tribes                                                                      Added African Tribes                                                                                     Added Poland                                                                                                  Added ainus                                                                                                     Added Oceania Tribes                                                                                    Added İndian countries(they were united and called indian tribes    before)   Fixed some borders                                                                                         
    Update 2(MASSIVE!!):
    Remade the whole map of the world                                                         Added lots of tribes to americas                                                                Added buganda,fixed anatolia,north africa,india,central asia and        europe borders.                                                                                              
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    JustAnUser reacted to Chexier in Present Day Development News   
    2019-01-29: I'm uploading the mod. Features that are going to be added:
    Improved terrain Added realistic growth rates Removed NATO and CSTO, because they were overpowered 2 new scenarios (USA and Brazil) More cities Removed some cities because they were making the province have the wrong capital 4 new songs New leaders for Brazil and USA "Regions" is now "States" and "Continents" is now "Regions" Added states for USA and Brazil Removed bugged syrian rebels. @YuraTheGreat Check it out. Updated README.txt Added a new custom nation Added Venezuelan Civil War
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    JustAnUser reacted to Chexier in Low-effort meme about Łukasz Jakowski   
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    JustAnUser reacted to Tincho987 in Argentina Provinces mod 2.0   
    --------------- Detectar idiomaAfricaansAlbanésAlemánAmáricoÁrabeArmenioAzerbaiyanoBengalíBielorrusoBirmanoBosnioBúlgaroCanarésCatalánCebuanoChecoChino (simplificado) Chino (Tradicional) CingalésCoreanoCorsoHaitiano criolloCroataDanésEslovacoEslovenoEspañolesperantoEstonioEuskeraFinésFrancésFrisón occidentalGaélico escocésGalésGallegoGeorgianoGriegoGuyaratíHausaHawaianoHebreohindiHmongHúngaroIgboIndonesioInglésIrlandésIslandésItalianoJaponésJavanésJemerKazajoKirguísKurdoLaoLatínDejar enLituanoLuxemburguésMacedonioMalayalamMalayoMalgacheMaltésMaoríMaratímongolNeerlandésNepalíNoruegoNyanjaPanyabíPastúnPersaPolacoPortuguésRumanoRusoSamoanoSerbioShonaSindhiSomalíSotho meridionalSuajiliSuecoSundanésTagaloTailandésTamilTayikoTeluguTurcoUcranianoUrduUzbekoVietnamitaXhosaYidisYorubaZulúEspañol     DOWNLOAD 2.0 ARGENTINA MOD: Content: - New map (512 provinces) - Tucuman Added - Uñac, Manzur and Arcioni gobernators added - 2 scenarios: . Provinces 2019 . Argentinian Atlas Rebelation (Javier Milei´s proposal) - Correct departaments of provinces - and more!   there are no screenshots of what the scenarios are like because the mod had to do it on my brother's pc because my files can not be supported on my pc and the game falls   DOWNLOAD 2.0           DOWNLOAD! (VERSION 1.0)  

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    JustAnUser reacted to EliasC17 in America and the Conquerors 1816   
    Les presento el escenario de América y los conquistadores en el año 1816
    El mapa jugable en toda américa y Parte de europa y asia El escenario contiene todas las civilizaciones de América en 1816 y sus Conquistadores (España, Portugal, Francia, Reino Unido, Dinamarca y El Imperio Ruso) Contiene la mayoría de los Líderes de la época. Puedes transformar tu civilización americana de 1816 a cualquiera de las Actuales (excepto Bolivia, Surinam, Guayana Francesa, Guyana y todos los países del Caribe) En este escenario puedes jugar como Americano independiente, Americano Dependiente (vasallo de europa) y Conquistador Evento no (por que el escenario está basado en como estaba américa y sus conquistadores el 9 de julio de 1816 dia que las Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata se independizaron y no en una guerra)  Los Conquistadores, el Virreinato y la Capitanía General tienen un desarrollo tecnológico un poco más alto que los demás y Los indígenas tiene un desarrollo muy bajo Los demás deben descubrirlos ustedes. Suerte  

    I present the scenario of America and the conquerors in the year 1816.
    he playable map throughout America and part of Europe and Asia The stage contains all the civilizations of America in 1816 and its Conquerors (Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Denmark and The Russian Empire) It contains most of the Leaders of the time. You can transform your American civilization from 1816 to any of the current ones (except Bolivia, Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana and all Caribbean countries) In this scenario you can play as an independent American, Dependent American (vassal of Europe) and Conqueror Event not (because the scenario is based on how America and its conquerors were on July 9, 1816, when the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata became independent and not in a war) The Conquistadores, the Viceroyalty and the Captaincy General have a technological development a little higher than the others and the indigenous people have a very low development The others must discover you. Luck Trailer oficial
    Trailer Official 2
    America and the Conquerors 1816.zip
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    JustAnUser reacted to Onix in Vive la Revolution! Vive le Presidente!   
    It is the year 1812 and the Age of Revolution.Napoleon defeated the British and occupied the British Isles.
    Queen Elizabeth III fled to the Americas after being forced to abdicate.Napoleon founds the European Union
    with himself as the acting president.
    Napoleon defeated the British for now.Will Britannia rise again or will this be their last page of history?
    Only time will tell...
    Hello guys this is my first Scenario that I made : Code Geass 1812 
    It is a Code Geass prequel (kind of).



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