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    JustAnUser reacted to Dulmassia in 1949 Cold war mod   
    This is my own cold war version, sorry if there is still a cold war scenario here.
    resume: After the second great war, Germany and Austria are divided. But there still communist threaten in the world and that USA need to fight.
    link (Persepolis mod dependencie, you put it in map/earth2 folder): https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8z1xog54g95tzw/coldwar.rar?dl=0
    link mod (versions): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ghd2iwdv5elxxa/coldwar2.rar?dl=0
    - ~ 40 new events
    - ~ 90 civilizations
    pictures :

    future : 
    there will be new events in the future, if you have ideas, tell me. I really need to learn modding too
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    JustAnUser reacted to Glisterr in Interwar Period Scenario   
    Major Countries lacking events would be Japan, France, UK, Russia and The USA.   
    Also may I add, new ideologies are coming in the next update.
    I am nearing 30 events atm.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Lonathan in The HARDEST nation to play in 1440?   
    Yeah but there still much harder to play then any nation from Europe Or Asia 
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    JustAnUser reacted to Glisterr in Interwar Period Scenario   
    Information on the next update:
    The next update will be focused on WW2 in Europe and will be very event focused, there will be many other events aswell.          
    Nazi Germany events going up to Blitzkrieg.
    And I will also be focusing on your suggestions.
    We are getting there!
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    JustAnUser reacted to ColinOlbertz in Netherlands in detail map   
    I thought that the 5 Dutch provinces in the base game weren't enough for me so I decided that I would make my own detailed map of the Netherlands.
    The map in that I made consists of 432 provinces consisting of the municipalities in the Netherlands (excluded Caribbean islands) and some sea provinces.
    Also included is the province scenario that consists of the map divided into the twelve Dutch provinces that exist today.
    If you have ideas for future detailed maps, comment down below.
    One of the two must work.

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    JustAnUser reacted to Glisterr in Immigrations To The US   
    Thank you for the suggestions, the next update is mainly focused on Germany.  But you can expect this to be added.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Lonathan in Countryballs art competition   
    NOW that's art if I've seen it 
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    JustAnUser reacted to Shiite in Necessary mods for AoC2   
    Shiite logic: I have an overhaul mod, a fleshed out scenario a new government and disease. What should I advertise my mod with?
    I KNOW!  It renames cancer to Fortnite
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    JustAnUser reacted to Shehab666 in "Age of Colonization 2"   
    This should be update 1.....something but colonies need more of a feel to them, I once said in one of my previous points that this deserves a post of it's own and here I am.
    Colonies should have names specified to their location, like "Ming Colombia" or "British Mexico" or that kind of stuff,  away from that point, colonization is very difficult in the base game and you need to use around 74000 on your first province and after that it's like 64000 and I know it lowers with your tech level but still...anyways I think that founding your first province should be used with money, but like 40000 or 30,000 enough to get even the little countries interested in colonizing, now for every other province, it should be made with.....colonization points!
    Colonization Points (or maybe Founding Points?) should be earned based on your experience throught your gameplay like going into more wars grants you more Colonization Points, making alliances, vassalising nations, declaring independence to your Lord, all of these could give you more Colonization Points.
    Edit : Also Another Point I'd like to add is how maybe Colonies Should be countries, like EU4 , where you name your colonies, this makes my "Ming Columbia" and "British Mexico" irrelevent but this allows much more creativity and the ai could use names like Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, north america; that sort of stuff, and this expands your sense of colonization since now you have to be careful of revolts and rebels since now, with your custom name, it is recognized as a country, and maybe half of it 's resources are available to you or all of them, but this makes it so that custom civs are created when colonizing instead of how I did it manually in my mamluk gameplay.... anyways this is another point I'd like to be added in the game.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Shiite in Multiplayer and how it should work   
    who said I wanted any?
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    JustAnUser reacted to Shiite in Multiplayer and how it should work   
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    JustAnUser reacted to Checkmate in Just Some Suggestions   
    Here are a few suggestions I have (react with these things if you support it)
    (like)> Vassals should not be able to peace out with other vassals if both their lords are at war
    (sad)> The Player should get more control over their vassals
    (confused)>You should be able to ajust population and economy from the start (like with tech level) instead of having to make an event to ajust it
    (haha)>There should be an easier way to import flags when making custom civs
    (thanks)>When vassals are pushing in a war overseas (for example british raj helping the uk in germany) the area the vassal takes should be occupied by the lord
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    JustAnUser reacted to Globus in Spend technology points on a better army.   
    Right now, the armies of every nation is exactly the same except for the numbers. Natives shouldn't have as powerful armies as European nations do. You should get the option to spend your tech points on strengthening army attack and defense points, lets say about 1.5% every point. That way it would be more accurate.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Jacob in Delete your custom made scenarios   
    It would be nice if your custom made scenarios were more organized and you were able to delete them off your games. 
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    JustAnUser reacted to 焕然的赤方 in The Trading System   
    The trading system
    About trading: AI can't judge the price of a product well, so usually, the AI in the trading system will fall into two extremes: unconditionally agreeing to the transaction, or unconditionally rejecting it.
    The AI of Records of the Three Kingdoms is not willing to trade as long as the price is at a loss, and does not consider geographical advantages at all. Obviously, AoC2 is also in this deadlock and it is impossible to solve.

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    JustAnUser reacted to SnowHalation1 in Ideology stuff and others   
    1. I don't know if it's already in the game. Ability to change other country's ideology in peace deals
    2. Ability to stage ideological civil wars in another country.
    3. A chart of ideology support for each country, like hoi4
    4. When the most supported ideology isn't the country's ideology, stability will decrease
    5. Customizable ideology
     6. Ability to support another country in war, not directly intervene
    7. Please add navy. It's important.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Ramiro007 in HRE   
    I didnt express myself correctly earlier(sorry for that),I meant The Emperor should get an event about his subordinate being attacked and he could:
    Intervene  Dont intervene(Maybe this decision could cause the opinion of some member of the HRE to go lower)
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    JustAnUser reacted to Potato in Alliances   
    maybe it is worth depending on the date to change debuffs from alliances? because in the modern world there are major alliances, while in the game it is impossible to do this

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    JustAnUser reacted to BrakeCoachStudios in 1 person soldier "bug" fix   
    One of the reasons some people criticize this game is when a soldier or two just conquers a province. I mean, the villagers would stop them. They don't have enough power to even conquer it .
    So my proposal is:
    If soldiers less than 10 attack a province, they would die out. 
    Or all of the provinces without fortifications would have some sort of default defense power to it.
    It adds more realism to the game if we use this, and don't make two soldiers capture an entire province.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Kemalakkus in Scenario Variables and "Events" Without a Recipient   
    Another good addition with this would be to add the option to include tooltips in event outcome choices. There will definitely be situations where we need to inform the player of the future results of the choice they're making if variables ever become a reality. While we're at it, why not add descriptions to events as well?
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    JustAnUser reacted to Shehab666 in History Retold - v0.12   
    The Most Ambitious Project of Age of Civilizations 2.
    Imagine Rewriting History, from all the way from 5000 BC, leading a tribe, to a gigantic mega superpower in the 1000s.
    See Civilizations rise and fall, force others into submission, on a grand scale.
    Each Civ has it's own story-line, that only expands into world domination, a tech victory or even, trying to create the modern day (if your boring) 

    Build 9
    Current Build (Build 15)
    History Retold Build 12.rar

    More Formables Ability to become another Civ to do another Storyline The Rest of The Word Like this (duh.) Suggestions Below.    
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    JustAnUser reacted to RJX115 in Need Help With Folders   
    You can't sadly without rooting your phone.
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    JustAnUser reacted to Don_Colasanti in The Ottoman Real Feel   
    Lukasz may have been nerfed them... a bit much

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    JustAnUser reacted to Atilos in Indonesia Independence War   
    Indonesia Independence War:

                                                                        The scénario:https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1FLZiyEykDXwekQ3CHujSELui7Re_hSc9
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    JustAnUser got a reaction from Simon in Varieties of combat units (+Poll)   
    Depends on how much content you add. If it's not that complicated, it will not swallow RAM much. Also, i don't think making a game realistic takes away the originality. You either have a Risk type game or a Paradox type of game.
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