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  1. My idea for a map fitting the North Carolina county borders and historical borders. When this comes out, I will be sure to add a link to download all of the custom civilizations for counties and other historical civilizations. Since this is such a specific map I am not sure how many people would want this done but I still plan to do it. This will be the first map I have made. 😀
  2. This is wonderful
  3. Can you send me an example so I know exactly what map you are talking about?
  4. I love this but for some reason the bloody europe mountains contrast with the land just ruins the feel for me ._. But you did an excellent job making this!
  5. What scenario should I make next? Any suggestions are welcome!
  6. World War 4 1562803018420vpsydifg.zip
  7. World war 3 never happened 1562803018420vpsydifg.zip
  8. I saw this when watching in spectator; Poland is now the vassal and Masovia is the lord
  9. Whenever I click the diplomacy tab my AOC flashes for a second and when I press F3 the screen shakes a lot. When I restart the game and load the game, it shows the menu again.
  10. I have just finished europe and am now working on south america
  11. Dullishcrab, I will try that out! Thank you for the suggestion!
  12. TheDarkKnight, If you would describe what the error says I might be able to help. And Krauser3ful, I still make scenarios but I usually take a long time to make them.
  13. This is the scenario for the world of 1850. I made the map by getting information using a world atlas and geacron. There are no events and I did not alter the technology level from 45. If you want me to do another scenario let me know. Put the files in a folder then add to "scenarios" folder in the Earth map. If you have any issues with this scenario let me know. 1550623741749utmdfbmm 1550623741749utmdfbmm_A 1550623741749utmdfbmm_C 1550623741749utmdfbmm_D 1550623741749utmdfbmm_HRE 1550623741749utmdfbmm_INFO.json 1550623741749utmdfbmm_PD 1550623741749utmdfbmm_W 1550623741749utmdfbmm_E
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