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  1. not really works...they are still more aggresive after many turns
  2. tww

    0 relationship bug

    sorry buddy no solution for this...enjoy dat
  3. FYI...this game won't updated forever...there is no point to complain bout it anymore...
  4. tww


    sorry man...no more update or new feature...dev is too lazy n greedy
  5. tww


    just put ur army over the sea
  6. what about tips about get rid of some bugs?
  7. just give it up...there will be new scenarios if this game still updated but it wasn't updated for almost 7 months
  8. not really...he is still appeared in this forum especially when ios version released
  9. tww

    Army changes nation

    the ways to prevent it is never have ally or moving your army in your allies's province and never demanding military access
  10. tww

    Diplomatic Relation

    welcome to the jungle...you re not the only one who annoyed by that bug
  11. does it fix some bugs in game?
  12. well..lets say that the game is half dead because no more update...there are only 2 possibilities..lukasz will update the game or he will abandon it and make a new game like he said before
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