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  1. support rebel in that rebel country...choose actual country...if there is no country option there, try to order that rebel country to invade neighbor countries until you can find a actual country in support rebel option
  2. dont forget about when he made a thread about bug fixing for nothing
  3. i wish no one buy his since we already knew his true self
  4. man he doesnt care about us anymore...if he does then game will updated instead make a new one
  5. tww

    Autosave issue

    how many turn do you reach?
  6. buy new phone with higher ram...that means ur phone only can reach 7k turns...or try a new game and if u still find this bug then this is ur limit
  7. i have vassal even with +100 relation but then it started a war with me...i told you it really didnt worked...the problem is weak countries always starts a war for stupid reason
  8. probably few years later...in form of a new game
  9. tww

    Bugs & Inaccuracies

    to fix 99 economy bug you should reduce all buggy provinces's population to less than 10.000 with recruiting armies....and here is my complete bug list https://m.facebook.com/questions.php?question_id=1021400131580780 but it is useless to talk about this because lukasz would not give a shit about this
  10. tww

    The game doesn't play

    your phone has only 1gb ram?
  11. not really works...they are still more aggresive after many turns
  12. tww

    0 relationship bug

    sorry buddy no solution for this...enjoy dat
  13. FYI...this game won't updated forever...there is no point to complain bout it anymore...
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