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  1. tww

    Unit disappear

    that's what you got from never updated game...
  2. lol...more like "the one year anniversary without update"
  3. tww

    Petition- save AoC2

    i think someone already made one
  4. tww

    few glithes

    dude...he made that thread on february 2019 and promise to working on it in march...the march he talking about is march 2019 not 2020...i suggest you to never to trust that liar anymore
  5. tww

    few glithes

    lol...that was just bullshit...look he is even locked that thread and it was months ago and nothing happens...also dont you know that he is planning to make a new game instead of fixing this buggy game?
  6. tww

    few glithes

    how could you so sure that there would be update in march 2020?
  7. lol...that feature was broken since beginning and dont ever ask about update bcoz the game is abandoned if you want more vassals then use "send ultimatum"
  8. no option to change it...the only way to prevent ur province conquered is make more army there
  9. just move your army to that continent...then you can colonize it
  10. tww

    Vassals glitch

    lol...mine works normally both...maybe you should start a new game
  11. lol...buy new phone...ur rams arent enough
  12. being spectator means your game is over
  13. support rebel in that rebel country...choose actual country...if there is no country option there, try to order that rebel country to invade neighbor countries until you can find a actual country in support rebel option
  14. man he doesnt care about us anymore...if he does then game will updated instead make a new one
  15. tww

    Autosave issue

    how many turn do you reach?
  16. buy new phone with higher ram...that means ur phone only can reach 7k turns...or try a new game and if u still find this bug then this is ur limit
  17. i have vassal even with +100 relation but then it started a war with me...i told you it really didnt worked...the problem is weak countries always starts a war for stupid reason
  18. probably few years later...in form of a new game
  19. tww

    Bugs & Inaccuracies

    to fix 99 economy bug you should reduce all buggy provinces's population to less than 10.000 with recruiting armies....and here is my complete bug list https://m.facebook.com/questions.php?question_id=1021400131580780 but it is useless to talk about this because lukasz would not give a shit about this
  20. tww

    The game doesn't play

    your phone has only 1gb ram?
  21. not really works...they are still more aggresive after many turns
  22. tww

    0 relationship bug

    sorry buddy no solution for this...enjoy dat
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