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    sorry man...no more update or new feature...dev is too lazy n greedy
  2. tww


    just put ur army over the sea
  3. what about tips about get rid of some bugs?
  4. just give it up...there will be new scenarios if this game still updated but it wasn't updated for almost 7 months
  5. not really...he is still appeared in this forum especially when ios version released
  6. tww

    Army changes nation

    the ways to prevent it is never have ally or moving your army in your allies's province and never demanding military access
  7. tww

    Diplomatic Relation

    welcome to the jungle...you re not the only one who annoyed by that bug
  8. well..lets say that the game is half dead because no more update...there are only 2 possibilities..lukasz will update the game or he will abandon it and make a new game like he said before
  9. allies are burden...better dont have any
  10. lukazs left the server
  11. something else was a new game...that means it take at least he needs 3-4 years to develop it
  12. lol...my ai sometimes demanding peace after i totally defeated them
  13. i think they can give you peace agreement if you took all of their provinces
  14. well...what about wait til your enemy sent you peace agreement instead of you sent it first?
  15. just accept the fact that game is dead and lukasz has been abandoned it...
  16. unfortunately im pretty sure it must be occured to everyone sooner or later including me...lol
  17. tww

    My suggestion

    there is no use to suggesting...the game is abandoned
  18. tww

    No all countries

    i think you played in computer version right?in android version it has complete list every country in the world...well..i think you should find out how to instal new scenario then..
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