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  1. tww

    No all countries

    are you sure didnt find countries you mentioned in modern world scenario?
  2. if lukasz just abandon a game which he just created and making a new one? and decide to not making any update or fixing bugs? this section should be not exist
  3. what is your computer spec?
  4. so what modders have done?do they fixing the bugs or just making new scenario?that's so dissapointing if lukaz really doing that...i mean abandon aoc 2...
  5. tww

    Armys disapear

    it does happen when your troops moving at your ally or vassal's provinces...just ditch your allies and vassals because there is no fix for this
  6. lol...i tried send all of my money but they still reject it
  7. i think it impossible even when you try get their province thru sending them ultimatum...it still didnt works...i think this is a bug
  8. i think that number doesnt give any significant change...try million soldiers....lol
  9. rebels bug there is a rebel goverment which always change colour or declaring independeces...if you declare war on them they just change color and war ended after some turns...and when i could attacked them with my troops then my troops became theirs...i couldnt never occupy their provinces and my troops keep joined them when i attacking them if this not fixed these rebels will be undefeatable and game become endless
  10. tww

    What is going on

    because there is no one actively moderate this forum and lukaz himself is not so active
  11. i think no...not in near future...more importantly now is fixing the bugs
  12. tww

    Relationship bug

    dont worry...you re not the only one
  13. tww

    imbalanced warfare

    well...if you cant stand by it then you must always make non aggression pact with all of your neighbour countries or make alliance with them...i think the ai and player have different mechanism or lowering ai aggresiveness before start a game...even when in late game country with only 223k population still could make 1milion troops during their long war even with very low economy...you have no choice but get used to it or just accept it as a challenge since many players thinks ai wasnt very chalenging at all
  14. there are many players reported about this bug...are you sure you didnt have this bug?well...just try attack a province til their economy become 99 and then occupy it and raise its economy
  15. 1.please fix zero opinion in late game 2.i dont know it is a bug or not but why ai always only can make alliance with 2 members?i think it would be more challenging if they could add more members 3.99 economy...well it didnt occured with ai...they still could upgrading their economy but the player cant 4.sometimes defence pact didnt worked 5.game freeze after you try to open income map...it took long time to wait or the game crashed 6.military access bug...if you stationed your army in a country's province which give you a military access or vassal and that province a
  16. tww

    i lost randomly

    maybe you set win condition with technology race
  17. why dont you just keep attacking them til you get all provinces?i also had this problem when i attacked china and japan but then after peace treaty over and i made second declaration of war i can took over all of their provinces...well this usually only occured in big countries
  18. and just bring a bad news for us
  19. i think we dont see any differences with current army movements...it still could considered as land,sea,and air attack...i prefer adding long range attack like missile or nuke
  20. tww

    0 relationship bug

    well...that's not a big problem...i think you can back to your prime quickly
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