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  1. If you do that I'm sure it will work
  2. I think u extracted the file I uploaded in the mods folder and that wasn't correct. The file has the same hierarchy as the folder of the game so that when u extract it in the top game folder it places all the files correctly. If this happend, your JSON is now directing to the wrong folder
  3. I think it should work properly if you have all the files in place and the name in the JSON is exactly the same as the name of the folder. Have you placed the backgrounds in the backgrounds folder, my game crashed when I forgot that the first time.
  4. Я не знаю, работает ли он на Android. Sorry for google translate mistakes
  5. You get a file like u see in the first picture and add the part that I highlighted. If you have done that, you save the file and if you've got all the files in the correct places it should work.
  6. You open the file with notepad(++) or an other kind of text editing program (not word
  7. I updated the file, does it work now?
  8. Do you mean if these "countries" are available in the scenario maker, because yes then. But this map wasn't't litterly made in the world map
  9. I think you haven't edited your map file "age_of_civilizations.json" You should add the map to the list of other maps
  10. Did you use the google drive link?
  11. I thought that the 5 Dutch provinces in the base game weren't enough for me so I decided that I would make my own detailed map of the Netherlands. The map in that I made consists of 432 provinces consisting of the municipalities in the Netherlands (excluded Caribbean islands) and some sea provinces. Also included is the province scenario that consists of the map divided into the twelve Dutch provinces that exist today. If you have ideas for future detailed maps, comment down below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tGms3-AibaoX5A2jNTIVjzYrdYjfngbi/view?usp=drivesdk Neth
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