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  1. The mod is currently under development, other details are coming soon.....
  2. map* sorry, but mod is not developing at now
  3. ohhhhhh................. i came back stronger
  4. Arkanov

    Flag fix for AoC2

    Rheged has wrong flag
  5. The mod is currently not in development I need your help... I need developers, You need to know the history and be able to make scenarios Who wants to help me, write me malolya59@gmail.com
  6. Map of France with 578 provinces Download: france.zip
  7. Crusader Kings 2 Map ________________________________________________________________________ Want to play CK2 in Age of Civilizations 2? My mod adds a CK2 card, on the map there will be scenarios like: 476, 535, 600, 769, 867, 1066, 1206, 1337 Release date: Summer 2019 At the moment there are 485 provinces on the map
  8. Sorry, but i am already making CK2 Map 😞
  9. In development historical map of Europe Will be 3000+ provinces
  10. From Greatness to Collapse ________________________________________________________________________ From Greatness to Collapse - is a modification for AoC2, which adds scenarios from 100 AD to 476 AD. Release date: 2019 ________________________________________________________________________________
  11. Arkanov

    [CLOSED] Mod.

    Why so few ideologies? The mod is not interesting
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