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  1. There is an android version, but I'm not going to upload it here it will be considered piracy and this is disrespect for the developer
  2. Iberia (1.0) - modification for AoC2, adding a map of Iberia and scenarios to it. At the moment, 3 scenarios are ready: 288 BC, 1031, 1444 In future versions, it is planned to add a couple of scenarios of Middle Ages, events to scenarios, etc. Download (PC) - https://vk.cc/asWSi5
  3. Pls make map editor for Europe Map

  4. Pls make map editor for Europe Map

  5. Arkanov

    Avertitque | WIP

    is a modification for Age of Civilizations II, which adds a lot of medieval content to the game: Scenarios, Formed Civilizations, New Map, etc. You will be given a huge number of civilizations, from the greatest Mongol empire to the small Finno-Ugric tribes. Avertitque covers the time period of sсenarios from 476 to 1492. Do you want to revive Ancient Rome for Byzantium? Or to make one, little-known, tribe one of the greatest states in the world? It's up to you. A new map will be in Avertitque. Its name is Flagitium. This map contains Eurasia and North Africa.
  6. Arkanov

    Flag fix for AoC2

    Rheged has wrong flag
  7. Map of France with 578 provinces Download: france.zip
  8. Sorry, but i am already making CK2 Map 😞
  9. Arkanov

    [CLOSED] Mod.

    Why so few ideologies? The mod is not interesting
  10. Arkanov

    Improoved Ukraine

    Желаю удачи :)
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