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  1. yes, it will be possible, and also very helpful, here is the modded file ( with events and Fatimid Caliphate faction ) 1147.rar Fatimid Caliphate.rar
  2. Hey, I added a new historical scenario. This is year 1147 in Europe. The main events concentrate about historical events like start of II crusade against Zengids, invitation of Almoravids in the Spain, Partitions in the various countries. Scenario is placed highly in Europe and the Middle East. Possible events ( soon ) : -> Rise of Ayyubids for Egypt, -> Battle of Hattin 1187 ( Jerusalem ) -> Third crusade for HRE Pope France and England, -> Polabian Crusade 1147 for Saxony and Polish Duchies, -> all things about III crusade, and Livonian, and
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