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  1. From technology overhaul to the inclusion of states, these were the things I've been echoing to be added into the game since its launch. I wish you the best with this one.
  2. I'm on mobile... how would you do that there?
  3. What are those? I think the current set of governments are perfect. General enough to get a point across but specific enough to be meaningful.
  4. Courtesy of creator of Bloody Europe II map... Thank you! I've been making this by myself on my android. Most of the civilizations, especially the tribes, but also many Greek and Etruscan city states, I had to make on my own. I'm working on adding the ancient Irish tribes (Hibernia), splitting Illyria into more accurate tribes, and I'm working on tons of events. Some of these include: The Macedonian conquest and subsequent partition (into Ptolemy, Seleucid, etc.) Rise of Parthia The Hunnic invasions Somehow simulating Germanic displacement of continental Celts w
  5. I'm in android and whenever I try to edit a piece of terrain on the map or the buffs and debuffs of terrain itself it resets to default settings. Same with growth rate editor.
  6. PETER

    Wasteland Provinces

    I have mods though and it would take so long to get them back.
  7. I recommend mod A New Dawn: Rise of Mankind
  8. I love historical accuracy. This game, however, maintains charm - I love it!
  9. Immortal leaders? That's the charm of Sid Mier's Civilization!
  10. PETER

    Terrain Editor Bug

    Whether I'm editing the terrain buffs and debuffs or the terrains of the provinces in the map, it always resets. This is very frustrating please help for Android.
  11. PETER

    imbalanced warfare

    The raise taxes too high, don't fund research at all, and mitigate investments.
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