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  1. We thank you for releasing the game for us.
  2. I mean no harm, only memes. Also, i dont want to insult Luckaz
  3. Can you give us some explanation for the game not being released?
  4. i think the game is being processed by apple and he might not even know the time it takes.
  5. For the game to release
  6. We have been waiting for 4 months and still nothing.
  7. Since that, it has been 2 weeks with no other news.
  8. The US gouverment should weaponize autism
  9. I am also starting to get a bit frustated by waiting for 4 months, but we have no choice but to wait more.
  10. Assasin can I bust a nut on your lap?

  11. This topic went from optimazation to Twitter.
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