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  1. Yusuf

    Anatolia Map İs Coming

    Hi Everyone 840 tiles too small. So i am making 80 tiles.Don't worry about 840 tiles. İn the future 840 tiles and many maps will come.
  2. Yusuf

    Steam workshop???

    ı waiting multiplayer
  3. Yusuf

    Anatolia Map İs Coming

    thanks a lot ı started making. 840 provinces anatolia map
  4. Yusuf

    Age of Elder Scrolls

    super ıts good man
  5. Yusuf

    Anatolia Map İs Coming

    İlçeler bazı istisnalar ile birlikte 840-830 tiles eder fakat fazla küçük olabilir bu sorunları giderdikten sonra başlayabilirim 😝😘
  6. Yusuf

    Anatolia Map İs Coming

    Hi friends, I started to map a map of Anatolia. I've tried it before, but I've had problems with the editor. You may say this turkey.😝