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  1. Yes making the AI actually do shit and make farms and forts and build infrastructure and stuff would be a great Idea.
  2. Also maybe generalize crops. So you have grains, taters, red meat this and that. Expensive wood, Generic wood and exotic wood. Red meat, paulty and what not. What I said would be way to complicated now that I think about it.
  3. Also tommorow I plan on rewriting everything to be neater in a new thread and probably add some more stuff knowing my self.
  4. BIG EDIT: Add a divisions system where you outfit what you want your troops to use. So you can have anti pole arm flamberge in front of your own polearm formation. So when you design divisions you design them in a box where you deside the amount of troops in it and there armament ifmthere at the front or the back. I dont think I added this yet in my suggestions but add in taxes for specific provinces, tariffs and the ability to tax infidels and ethnicities. Also slavery and serfdom but I have no clue how these would work. I think tech and political trees are
  5. Ive never played Victoria 2. But ive seen a few menus from it.
  6. These are my probably horrible ideas on how to improve the game. Players end: Needs less menu's and the ability to select multiple things in certain cases. Way too much clicking of buttons with no thinking behind them. Put everything at the top of the screen. Add in provincial unemployment. Make the tutorial less rubbish and have it explain things better, like unemployment being a thing. Game: Add in provincial unemployment. Add religions. Make it so stabilizing a province and changing ethnicities or cultures or religion s are separat
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