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  1. Are you doing any custom flags for the US? Most mods don't do anything with US when it comes to customization besides Addon+, but I feel you can do even better. I won't be mad if you don't, it would just bring more life to my homeland. Maybe even give specific states there own custom flags, that would be really cool. Also, Greater Britannia would be a really cool nation, ideology or formable nation for the UK, Canada, Australia or even the US. These are just a few recommendations that I think would be cool to be added into your mod. Anyways, thank you for putting time into the mod and I can't wait for it to be released.🙂
  2. Can you add Scar Nicolas l? For a scenario where Tsar Nicolas survives his execution. Based on Monsieur Z's video. Also sub to him, he makes cool vids. *not a sponcer*
  3. Holy shit, this mod gave me chills, WTF. Good job!😊
  4. Please don't give up on the mod if you are considering, it will bring joy to many fans of the game. It's now June and we still haven't gotten addon 2.0. I know summer is just beginning but please let us know if the mod is still being developed. Thank you.
  5. Don't hype us up if you aren't going to release it. It's happend like 12 times with different mods. R.I.P
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  7. I hope it comes eventually, it's worth the wait in my opinion. My Chromebook is a android. I can't even access steam, and Linux doesn't seem to work.
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