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  1. Australia owns all of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, and is under a fascist Government while in a communist civil war on Mainland Australia. (yes i am Australian)
  2. hi, i already done the flag ages ago and i was wondering if you could make my nation a monarchy, if possible that is. sorry
  3. Like this? R=0 G=61 B=198 I'm from Australia, Victoria
  4. in-game flag editor only? or flags we can make in more detail?
  5. Skelly144

    Flag Competition

    National Flag Military Flag Colony of Libya Farther Knows Best Flag Farther Knows Best Military Flag Farther Knows Best Flag EU like flag Flag Mother Knows Best Flag Mother Knows Best Military Flag I made these a couple days ago
  6. Skelly144

    Flag Competition

    Eureka Flag and New Zealend flag Combined
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