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  1. That requires the source code because adding new troops would be like adding an new mechanic right now the source code for the game is an mess
  2. That Secnario already exist but you can make your own version
  3. Nice we need some more modifications to the UI
  4. Great This make Everybody stop asking me questions on how to install maps!
  5. History of Asia: Japan managed to force the U.S to sign an armistice China was reunified under Kai-shek government (Pro-Japanese one) The Japanese Puppet State of the Empire of Vietnam was facing mass Civil Unrest and eventually collapsed in 1958 sparking the Indochina War in this Universe
  6. copy the map, UI, Game folders and paste them
  7. I'll give you an brief history of Europe alright so Germany won WW2, A lot is changing 3 years after the war ended Italy was invaded by Germany after Mussolini was killed by communist partisans an Germany established an puppet state with Rudolf Rahn being Reichkommissar. Britan was weakened by the war after an coup took place the Royal family was exiled to Canada. While the Coup taking place many of Britain Territories declared Independence, South Africa and Rhodesia still staying Loyal to the Crown,
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