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  1. Ninetiethbeef08


    Mod is good has an tendency to crash though
  2. Ninetiethbeef08

    For the Austrian Empire!

    Top 10 saddest history deaths. F
  3. Ninetiethbeef08

    How do you add new terrain types

    I'm trying to add new terrain to the game but it won't work please help.
  4. Ninetiethbeef08

    Can Anybody create Doomsday 1983?

    I could
  5. Ninetiethbeef08

    Naruto Mod

    So this mod would be kinda like crusader kings
  6. I manage to port the Vis 11:59 mod to android but I can't find the secnario.Can Someone please help

  7. Ninetiethbeef08

    A form of capitulation

    This is good
  8. Ninetiethbeef08

    A form of capitulation

    Kinda like back in the first game how you take the enemy capital and wait 4 turns I think and all of their provinces goes to you