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  1. Community, It's time to execute Order 76

  2. I respectfully decline the offer
  3. Did you find 0.9b in the mod folder?
  4. Instead of just Islamism add Islamic Republic or Islamic Theocracy like that
  5. No progress on the game and only 7 members left this community is long gone an quick death Nothing will change people will still make mods but really it's same Aoc2 with different coat of paint that I don't find unique. The over abundance of WW1 secnarios, It's already clear from the beginning that once he gets IOS out it's the end. And Here we are now 6 members left. This is Goodbye
  6. Ninetiethbeef08


    plus it's encrypted
  7. Ninetiethbeef08


    so.... just one big modpack
  8. For Mobile users use rar to download the A-P<K
  9. since their is no mac version of the launcher i used wineskin
  10. Ninetiethbeef08

    Any Ideas?

    you know the usual alternative history
  11. Ninetiethbeef08

    Any Ideas?

    you could try "What if Lenin Survived?"
  12. "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat,"
  13. Isn't Moldova apart of the Soviet Union since Stalin sent Romania an Ultimatum
  14. Try an Happiness event low happiness can cause rebels and civil war
  15. *EXAMPLE* Old Owner/control provinces: Hudson Bay Company New Owner: Dominion of Canada
  16. How do get the white map font?
  17. It's Simple extract the game by using --- extractor then copy the mod files:GAME. MAP UI and paste then you use --- signer. I'm will help you with any problems
  18. I make an tutorial on YouTube
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