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    More Provinces

    Make a lite version somewhere in 15,000-16,000 provinces for the Android version. I will delete some scales from the map because there is an absurd limitation in an a.p.k file, somewhere around 70,000 files.
  2. Synyos2032

    More Provinces

    @Hetman2311 I managed to put the beta version on android successfully after a few months of trying.
  3. @Kerems2434 Be careful not to make double provinces like you did in Project Alpha.
  4. In the next update I hope to delete some provinces that he indicated to you in my previous posts.
  5. I managed to add leaders but without images from Aoc II in my mode Suzema. In this way you can call it the Great Map of Europe. Update Leaders with image.
  6. It's about limiting files in an a.p.k I think.
  7. Mod by me Europe Map plus Bloody Europe II map... Really good job Suzema!!! To the rivers you have to add provinces so that everything is almost complete.
  8. Were you able to see some issues related to the provinces of Reggio Calabria Western Alaska and the Gulf of Alaska?After you release version 0.1.5 you will be able to solve these problems.
  9. To solve the problems of Reggio Calabria, Western Alaska and the Gulf of Alaska and to erase some provinces that overlap one. I hope you solve these problems in the next updates,Kerems2434,as I said in the previous posts and you can see that I have found other provinces in the 3 areas mentioned above.
  10. I hope you delete the 9 provinces that are in addition that I mentioned above. I deleted them and after that the game remains at 99% when processing maps in the Android version.
  11. I found several double provinces on about the same province examples are the southern regions of Calabria and the Alaska area. The provinces are 13306, 12793 , 13001,12991,12994,12995,12996,12997,12998.
  12. You can remove leadersIMG and it can go to combine the two maps or if it doesn't work again you can remove from the others like leaders or others with many files for the Android version.And I also believe that the number of civilization can be a cause, the more civilizations, the more files for civilizations. I think there is a restriction of the number of files in this application.
  13. Synyos2032

    More Provinces

    Related to your work on the map. Does anyone help you in this mod or do you work on your own this mod?
  14. I'm not on Discord.I`m sorry. PS.The background looks a bit childish, that AOC2 background worked better.
  15. I partially managed to put the mode on Android and this mode WORKS.
  16. I hope that in future updates you will fix the Danube river, as there are many mistakes in drawing.
  17. It should be version 1.0 as there are still some mistakes on the way you will fix them later but you did a good job in these 2 months.
  18. There are many mistakes in the map. Here is the real map of the Danube and please change the error. http://www.danube-research.com/intro.htm
  19. You still have to make some corrections to the Danube river because you were a bit wrong with tracing the river. Examples of areas:Danube Delta Galati Calarasi Turnu Măgurele Vidin and Drobeta Turnu Severin area.
  20. Hey Kerems2434 in the Gulf of Alaska do people live in the water? I hope you fix the mistake on the map.
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