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  1. I hope that in future updates you will fix the Danube river, as there are many mistakes in drawing.
  2. It should be version 1.0 as there are still some mistakes on the way you will fix them later but you did a good job in these 2 months.
  3. There are many mistakes in the map. Here is the real map of the Danube and please change the error. http://www.danube-research.com/intro.htm
  4. You still have to make some corrections to the Danube river because you were a bit wrong with tracing the river. Examples of areas:Danube Delta Galati Calarasi Turnu Măgurele Vidin and Drobeta Turnu Severin area.
  5. Hey Kerems2434 in the Gulf of Alaska do people live in the water? I hope you fix the mistake on the map.
  6. Interesting scenario Franco (supported by Nazi Germany) VS Manuel Azana ( Supported by Soviet Union).It is curious if both sides have allies and if those allies will fight each other. A scenario ideea is from 1877.
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