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  1. russl

    Lukasz Jakowski whats your Next plan?

  2. russl

    Lukasz Jakowski whats your Next plan?

    we understand but how long
  3. russl

    Second Cold War

    Can i put this senario in my own android version of game
  4. russl

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Mobile Edition

    # Changed names Democracy = Пряма Демократія Monarchy = Абсолютна Монархія Republic = Змішана Республіка Communism = Комунізм Fascism = Фашизм Horde = Орда Tribal = Плем'я CityState = Місто-Країна # New ideologies ParliamentaryMonarchy = SocialDemocracy = Соціал-Демократія LiberalDemocracy = Ліберальна Демократія ParliamentaryRepublic = Парламентська Республіка PresidentialRepublic = Президентська Республіка Theocracy = Теократія Anarchy = Анархія Technocracy = Технократія Islamism = Ісламізм Nationalism = Націоналізм Conservatism = Сонсерватизм Bonapartism = Бонапартизм Syndicalism = Синдикатизм Ukrainian
  5. russl

    Korea Map Version 0.2

  6. russl

    Game is dead?

    hah how old are you
  7. russl

    Game is dead?

    i need to study but i stil play games and learn only math and computer science
  8. russl

    Game is dead?

    me too man
  9. russl

    Game is dead?

    @Łukasz Jakowski Whyyyy say Whyy
  10. russl

    Game is dead?

    wow thats cool
  11. russl

    Game is dead?

    but i stil play after the dead((
  12. russl

    Game is dead?

    i know but i love this game
  13. russl

    Game is dead?

    i dont think so AoC 2 the best❤️