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  1. russl

    Game of Thrones

    How do you creating enclave provinces
  2. russl

    Game of Thrones

    twitter probably the best
  3. russl

    Game of Thrones

    Sure but I Dont know what social media I need to use
  4. Man can I use your leaders and your scenario in my version of android game?
  5. russl

    Game of Thrones

    Not yet by now my project is pre-alpha
  6. russl

    Game of Thrones

    man i am making my own android version of game , can I put your map in my mod in the future?
  7. Разработка мода остановлена уже ничего не меняю найли на форуме есть лучше мод
  8. Formable civilizations you wanna see in the game 1.Name 2.Who can Form this civilization 3. Territories 4.flag
  9. and update the president of Ukraine
  10. russl

    Holy Romanian Empire

    the question is how to change HRE to another
  11. How to change Holy Romanian Empire to Nato for example&
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