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    Forum Reputation

    How to increase my forum reputation
  2. russl

    Improoved Ukraine

    thanks but it is will long and hard work because provinces are very big (15000*10000) resolution and Ukraine have 450 districts (((
  3. russl

    Improoved Ukraine

    In this Mod I will create Ukraine provinces(Districts) mod will be include improoved map of Ukraine and different scenarios mod now is just half-ended map in photoshop Mod Development is stopped because the same mod was created early(now i help a little to creator of this mod)
  4. russl

    More Leaders ver 1.0

    скачивай и пользуйся)))))
  5. russl

    More Leaders ver 1.0

    В каждой новой версии есть лидеры добавленные в старых апдейтах
  6. russl

    More Leaders ver 1.0

    Hello Everyone!!!!!!! new version: New Guiney Indonesia East Timor Singapore Australia Chinese Republic(Taipei) Mexico(Changed) Syria Iraq Iceland Saudi Arabia Yemen Oman UAE Qatar Quweit Philippines Israel State of Palestine Iordania Brazil(changed) Bahrain Egypt Libiya Lebanon Tunisia Algeris Belize Gutemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Mauritania Mali Niger Chad Sudan It is last update for a few months (I work on my mod ) And Łukash if you see this can you put my leaders into the game ? Moe Leaders 1.4.rar
  7. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZrRcR1fI_66ZJNGJPtT2u8VrLjHyEJP3
  8. ok now https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14Q4OgUB_q_lai_L442iJu2-qODRAW5D3
  9. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14Q4OgUB_q_lai_L442iJu2-qODRAW5D3
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