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  1. no Łukasz it is a Land type javaw 2019-01-10 20-24-52-294.mp4
  2. and provinces looks like stains (you can see )
  3. man I have another problem provinces in editor is in the continent but in the game is not javaw 2019-01-10 20-06-23-476.mp4 bandicam 2019-01-10 20-08-38-859.mp4 javaw 2019-01-10 20-06-23-476.mp4
  4. Hi man i have a tro javaw 2019-01-10 12-41-18-772.mp4 uble bandicam 2019-01-10 12-38-50-832.mp4
  5. Man I found More Leaders 1.3.rar
  6. shit i dont leave it and i reinstall my windows
  7. All leaders from modern world scenario
  8. пацаны как сделать перевод для моей страны(то есть я создал в редакторе страну но хочу сделать перевод для разных языков)
  9. russl

    Age ID

    i need an age id , where i can find it?
  10. 1.3 update visual version of updates https://picua.org/image/visualization.n leaders of countries added Morroco Albany(changed) Kazachstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Turkmenia Tadjikistan Afganistan Pakistan India Nepal(changed ) Butan(changed) Bangladesh Thailand Laos Vietnam Cambodia Malaysia Bruney Leave your feedback please guys
  11. I fix it .In the next update .Wait (1-2) days
  12. Mod include leders of Ukraine Belarus Moldow Czech Republic Slovakia Bulgaria Switzerland Slovenia Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia Montenegro Kosovo Makedonia Monako Andorra Greece Georgia Azerbaijan Armenia More Leaders 1.2.rar
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