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  1. bruv do you want to be on my project you know making peoples countries they live or born

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    2. davidtjk


      100 of them is ready and now you can download betas but not you on next update ok

    3. Windows XP Mapping
    4. davidtjk


      thanks for following me i will follow you too : )

  2. It's possibly official, I might be leaving

  3. Hey Łukasz, are you seeing what is occuring in Scenarios - Offtopic?

    This Korean user spammed alot of posts in there promoting their website

    http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/profile/18851-zynga000002/ Profile

  4. Update: I kinda meant someone else to do it, because I have android and I can't make it
  5. Is it possible for someone to make the map of Inamorta from the game Stick War into Age of Civilizations II?
  6. I feel like my work here is done

  7. I think the one thing that needs to be fixed is the Canadian Provincial and Territorial Borders, well in the actual game
  8. I'm just gonna ask someone to make this downloadable
  9. I can't I have android, but I might get someone to make a download
  10. It has been a while since I posted my last scenario, I had to stop developing the YouTuber War thing What scenario should I do now
  11. Yes please, since I can't make a .zip file, I would be pleased if you do it
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