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  1. I'm just gonna ask someone to make this downloadable
  2. I can't I have android, but I might get someone to make a download
  3. It has been a while since I posted my last scenario, I had to stop developing the YouTuber War thing What scenario should I do now
  4. Yes please, since I can't make a .zip file, I would be pleased if you do it
  5. Also I plan to add 2 youtubers called Haminations and Infamous Swoosh
  6. I don't know who Lachlan is but I do know MrBeast, I might add him tomorrow
  7. I feel like the Korean War that you should do Also long time
  8. Hello, sorry for the late reply, too much focus on YouTube, not uploading but watching some videos
  9. Need to be more active now

  10. What Scenario should I make next

    Alternate WW1

    WW2 Axis Victory

    WW2 Soviet Victory

    1. GyLala


      Ok but PC or (Android need Root)

    2. Windows XP Mapping

      Windows XP Mapping

      I'm not making if for a download

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