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  1. Name:After the Impact Year:2015 map:AOC 2 map Info: in 2000,a small meteor hit the earth at the south pole,triggering a huge tidal wave that halved the world's populations. 15 years has been passed after the disaster,dubbed as Second Impact by the UN. The world has yet to recover from it's scar. In the east,after the relocation of Japanese Government to Hokkaido,they have experienced an economic boom,making it the world's premier superpower,as China is experiencing a huge famine,and usa still recovering its economy. Westwards,the european Community has u
  2. Anyone can make this scenario(https://www.deviantart.com/rvbomally/art/War-Never-Changes-584833130) For me? Name:War never Changes Start date:1 January 2077 Map:AoC2 Standard Map

  4. WHERE IS THE TNO MOD?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. can you make a version that works with android?
  6. Anyone can make a Scenario of this map(From The New Order,an Upcoming HOI4 mod)?
  7. Ideas:Fall gleb Napollon's invasion of Russia Qing Japanese war of 1895 WW1 Western front Barbarossa
  8. Can you do ww1 eastern Fornt?
  9. Also me but it will be on AoC1 Map
  10. Anyone making a Scenario based on Red alert 3?
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