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  1. I have to say that most likely I will not update leaders, I will probably just upload the last leaders I made and the civilizations that are missing but I will better release leaders by packs (like 2021 pack) instead of uploading every single leader I have, stay tunned.
  2. I have seen that a lot of people don't like the 1440 due to America, Africa and Oceania being only insignificant tribes so this modification replaces those tribes with great kingdoms that can be played and you can have fun with them, the only problem is that it isn't historically accurate, but you can have a better time. 1440fun.rar
  3. What it will include? - New civilizations - New flags - New leaders In some cases all the subdivisions can't be put in the game so only ones are choosen Countries with all subdivisions: - Canada - United States - Brazil - Mexico (Bad borders) - Nicaragua (Simplified) - El Salvador (Simplified) - Bolivia - Argentina - Spain - United Kingdom - China - Liberia - Australia Progress
  4. Yes but the problem is that the map with changes have some mistakes so I'm making a remaked edition from the start
  5. It's because they are other civilizations that aren't in the game, just wait until I upload the mod, more civilizations, I will send you the link here
  6. Indonesia probably, the UAE probably not
  7. Probably like 1 or 2 months, I'm planning to add leaders for some custom scenarios I have made
  8. UPDATE V2: It includes some leaders for some of my custo scenarios, a new 2019 scenario map and an autonomies liberated 2019 scenario "You will have to wait for some of the civilizations" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CsI8S47e6e6aMRriRh27E8m1HvxkuIEa/view?usp=sharing
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