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  1. I suggest than you were able to select a leader Obviously it has to be only of the civilization that you had select This is for add leaders in a specific scenario or add fictitious leaders that never rule the country but you want them to rule in that scenario
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ycaM-6sA_1Geq_seO0bhq4HgHBDxafV8/view?usp=sharing It includes: - Canadian provinces scenario with modern day prime ministers - Mexican states scenario with modern day governors - Governors of American states in 2017 - Modern day governors of American States - Adds Mexican States and Canadian Provinces into the game Extras - Coahuila and Texas civilization added - Ideology flags for some new civilizations and American States All the flags of the Mexican states are not official with exception of Jalisco and Tlaxcala Why both scenarios look horrible? The game isn't made for this scenarios Why some American leaders appear in a wrong date? The game doesn't leave you change leaders so they were put by birth date
  3. But hey, I thought it would be the governors according to the scenario date (15/May/2017), not the actual ones
  4. This photo is perfect, it wasn't in the mod but here is
  5. I was doing this by myself but now I will have them all
  6. Yes, but the mod was done before he became a president
  7. I have done it but probably I will not put it in public for the moment
  8. Nope, I see your mod but I didn't take your leaders, I do them by the start, I imagine there can be a difference between the leaders you put and the leaders I put
  9. { Name: "Soviet Socialism", Extra_Tag: "v", GOV_GROUP_ID: 1, ACCEPTABLE_TAXATION: 0.28, MIN_GOODS: 0.16, MIN_INVESTMENTS: 0.1, RESEARCH_COST: 1.05, INCOME_TAXATION: 0.98, INCOME_PRODUCTION: 1.0, MILITARY_UPKEEP: 3, ADMINISTRATION_COST: 0, ADMINISTRATION_COST_DISTANCE: 1.0, ADMINISTRATION_COST_CAPITAL: 0.4, COST_OF_MOVE: 1, COST_OF_MOVE_TO_THE_SAME_PROV: 2, COST_OF_MOVE_OWN_PROV: 4, COST_OF_RECRUIT: 18, COST_OF_DISBAND: 18, COST_OF_PLUNDER: 6, DEFENSE_BONUS: 3, CAN_BECOME_CIVILIZED: -1, CIVILIZE_TECH_LEVEL: 2.0f, AVAILABLE_SINCE_AGE_ID: 6, REVOLUTIONARY: false, AI_TYPE: "COMMUNISM", R: 204, G: 0, B: 0 }, Add that to the goverments text What it includes: Nothing Actually it is just communism but with an different name I made this because I liked some communist flags and soviet flags for the same civilizations but I didn't decide and I just create a new ideology for add Soviet Style flags
  10. @krauser3ful And I forgot to say than you have to replace the leaders in the leaders section because there are some dates than are changed for work
  11. @krauser3ful There I put some images of the changes, they aren't so many because I only deleated the territories and added some unrecognized civilizations
  12. @krauser3ful They come in the file
  13. It includes: New scenario (Modern Day 2019) Updated Leaders for some nations Added new leaders for all the nations in the Modern Day 2019 Added some leaders for a WWI scenario Added leaders of Football scenario Added new leaders and photos for some random civilizations like: - Texas - California - Mexican Empire - Yucatan - Baja California - Sonora - Mexico - Vermont P.D: You have to replace the leaders informations to the ones in the file or some leaders will not work https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BPr30PiQ2ZkHDlyDMgMXmuOJdxpDKpkh/view?usp=sharing
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