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  1. Added Femminism (do not confuse with Radical or Extremist Feminism), Islamism and Christianism (It also takes the place of Christian democracy) ideologies
  2. I had that ideology before, and yeah, It's very useless because there's no other political movement of that ideology so it only applies in Mexico, it's just like Porfirism, it's not like he rules the world or something
  3. For the moment no, the 2019 scenario will not have events, in other scenarios there will be events but they will be optional making the AI having 1% of possibility to do an alternative scenario, and if you play like one civilization with events you will be able to do the original events or reject them
  4. OMG!, I actually do them, here you go They got deformed but I don't care, they are there
  5. You will have to do it manually but I'm planing to do a tutorial, but I would like to make an installer, do you know how to do one?
  6. Other thing is than there will be more civilizations
  7. I have to say I'm planning to change some goverments and change it totally by ideologies, in base to the original list T The ones in red are in risk of dissapearing and the ones in green will probably be replaced "Presidential Parlamentary Republic" will be changed with "Parliamentarism" "Absolute Monarchy" will be replaced with "Monarchy" And I'm planning to make two editions of every single ideology, one for the head of state and another one for the head of goverment because I want both to be playable Advantages: - More possible leaders - Better organization - Replacement of Governments with Ideologies - Goodbye useless categories Disadvantages: - Modern World Vanilla will no longer be a possible scenario - It will take a period of reorganization, probably like 2 weeks - Governments will be unknown
  8. 1st: They aren't countries 2nd: I was planning to add them but the problem is than my game doesn't leave me to add more provinces in the original map so yeah, If you have something than can help me please tell me
  9. Probably but I don't know how to put it in android
  10. If you want, just give me credit and put the link to this page in the description
  11. Are you bored about having a very little Football War scenario? Well, here is the response, Football War extended, it includes other civilizations and ideologies in that date (It's literally 1969 scenario but nobody cares) It includes: - Football War Extended scenario - New Civilization (Upper Volta) - New Leaders for Honduras and El Salvador - Leaders for other civilizations: Mexico, Brazil, USA, Soviet Union, North Korea, West Germany, South Vietnam, Chile, Peru, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Upper Volta, Poland - It also adds Communist flag for Yemen and South Vietnam Football War Extended Map.rar
  12. I decided to include too the Modern World of Lukasz because when the scenario is put automatically some ideologies change having opportunities of looking new faces: Democracy - Semi-presidential Republic (I manually do that because it should be Non-aligned) Republic - Presidential Republic Monarchy - Absolute Monarchy Communism - Marxist-Lenism And we have to include the governors of the territories than in the default modern world scenario are included
  13. I'm planning to make 2 different modern world scenarios... "2019 and Modern World" De Facto is made by control and real systems meanwhile the Modern World is just a modification of De Facto but in this case there is only states recognized by at least 1 country
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